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PIN UP gives big thumbs up to TERTIUM QUID

TQpinupThe new shiny covered issue of PIN UP has a very nice review of TERTIUM QUID which has almost gotten lost in the shuffle of attention on the Georg Jensen book. Click on the clipping to see it large enough to read. Click on the TQ title to buy the book.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the quid


whitewallOur new favorite magazine has a big ad for TERTIUM QUID,  our collection of paired vintage press photos. Click on their logo to see what Whitewall is up to right now. And click on the photos below, to go our website where you can spend all your money buying photos just like these, or these very ones, in fact.


Hey! Did you hear Uncle Murray’s book is at the ICP?

jeanneI’m heading over to the International Center for Photography right now to pick up another copy of  TERTIUM QUID. Since I’m just learning to crawl, this might take me a few minutes. I’m coming from Brooklyn, after all. But, hey, ICP’s a big deal. Maybe Annie Liebowitz will be there. I love her work. Click on me to enjoy my first forward crawl.

TERTIUM QUID is at the MoMA bookstore. Here’s living proof.

momaRace over there right now. Maybe they only have three copies left. Or you could click on the pic to buy it at mossPOP.  Don’t get us wrong. We’re really pleased that it’s at MoMA, but a sale is a sale.

They can’t wait to see you.

1-2 copyUntil the end of the day tomorrow, Friday, August 15, they’ll be waiting, at EDELMAN ARTS, right up on the gallery wall, with the rest of the photos in TERTIUM QUID. They know how busy you are, and while, sure, they were disappointed you weren’t able to call, they’re just hoping you can make a little time for them before it’s over. They do love you, you know. They always have.  And they talk about you all the time, and wonder how you’re doing, and if the relationship is working out, and how you’re doing since the promotion.  And they’re fine, really they are. You absolutely do not need to worry about them. But if you could stop by, even for a few minutes, it would mean so much to them.

You need to get out more. Really.

loveIt’s no good sitting alone in your room. Life is a cabernet, old chum. Get out of the house and run over to EDELMAN ARTS TONIGHT AT 6PM to hear Murray talk about TERTIUM QUID for the last time. And see the exhibition, because it’s closing on Friday! As Lucille Ball once said: “You only regret the things you didn’t do, Desi.” So don’t be Netflixing those soaps tonight. You’re not a cat. You only get one life. Live it as a lover of vintage American press photos.



last chanceGod knows we’ve tried to keep you informed. We’ve warned you. We’ve given you the dates. We’ve sent message after message. But at the end of the day, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him show up on Wednesday at 6pm at Edelman Arts to hear Murray talk about TERTIUM QUID, for THE LAST TIME . And this is the LAST WEEK you can see those amazing photographs. The exhibition closes on Friday. Remember when you missed Follies in 1971. I rest my case. Don’t repeat that mistake. We’re only going to say this one more time, until we say it again tomorrow. LAST CHANCE for TERTIUM QUID.