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Republican Senators struck deaf

perdueIn an odd moment for the current administration, both Republican Senators Perdue and Cotton were struck deaf at the same moment during a meeting in the Oval. Here Trump does his best to help Perdue back to his seat just after being told by Perdue, “I can’t hear you!” As usual, Trump prefers to help people to their seats with his eyes closed. Sources close to the President said that Sudden Deaf Syndrome is a common occurrence¬†among certain Republican Senators, especially those from the South, North or Midwest, or West. There is no available data on how long the deafness lasts, or if it is related to early onset dementia, as is the case with the President, obviously.¬† It also makes it very diffiucult for them to hear or respond to questions from reporters.


There’s no business like show business

Yeah, yeah, we smile when we are low. Also when we are hot. So on the hottest day of the century, here’s Chris smiling at a video shoot for a new designy tv series featuring “Antiques of the Future” author and devoted Moss client, Lisa Roberts. Lisa herself, I hasten to add, was shrewdly somewhere near the ocean, having a cool refreshing drink. On with the show, possums.