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Kiss today goodbye. Point me toward tomorrow.


Monday Feb 13 to Friday Feb 17. The final days of Moss in Soho.

Hey, everybody, come on down to Moss during this, our final week on Greene Street, where, no matter what you’re heard, we’re NOT having a sale. However, as a wee we’re-moving-uptown-to-the-garment-district gift, you can get a fabulous Moss T-shirt with any purchase over $118. (Yes, for Free!) The 18 is for the eighteen years we’ve been here in Soho. As you no doubt know, the phrases on the t-shirts are all rules to shop by as dictated by us. Choose from the spicy Please Do Not Touch, the paparazzi-hating Photography is Not Permitted, and the subtly anti-child message Small Children Must Be Held.

In case you’re just too important or too tired or recovering from recent hip surgery and just cannot make it down to the Last Days of the Design Mecca of the World, then you can always do it the old fashioned way and just buy a t-shirt, by clicking on any of these lovely pics. Supplies are limited. Just like the days we’ll be in Soho.

M day. US launch of the MUTEWATCH. From quiet Sweden.

The MUTEWATCH is everything you want in a watch, plus less. Because it doesn’t make any noise. No irritating ticking and when the alarm goes off, to remind you to go to bed or something, the watch vibrates on your wrist. But in a good way. On sale now. Supplies are limited. Don’t be the only one in your bookclub with an old fashioned ticker.

Joseph Cornell, Get Over Yourself

Because Norman’s heading your way. Norman Hasselriis, that is. Poet, sculptor, publishing executive, and a totally idiosyncratic artist who didn’t start until he was nearly 70, but made up for lost time creating “assemblages” like this one:


Putting found objects together in ways that can  freak you out and make you laugh and make you shut up and look — all at the same time. We have a small sampling of a large body of really “out there” work. Plus, we have a collection of photographs of these works, by Dudley Reed, who first introduced us. Here, for instance, is Dudley’s photo of Norman’s work above:


Ground Control to Major Tom

Just when you thought we couldn’t find anything “farther out” than the incredibly “far out” things we’re always finding, look what has floated into our ever-so-clever gallery straight from one of Italy’s funkiest design minds. Come see them for yourself during our event next Wednesday (check back here for details next week). We bet your earthbound ideas of what constitutes avant-garde design will be put into orbit or we’re not living up to our stellar reputation as provocateurs. Yeah, it’s pretty rarified air!


Meteore suspension light

Massimiliano Adami’s “Fossili Moderni,” or Modern Fossils, are created with found objects, which are hand-selected by the artist, meaning every piece is unique. If the Meteore suspension light had a schtick, it would likely be “Houston, we don’t have a problem” (and that’s House-ton to you addled pedestrians wafting past our Soho windows). After all, when you’re this audacious, what problems could you possible have? 


Meteore floor lamp

With the Meteore floor lamp, it’s feet on the ground/head in the air. This is an assemblage with a mission. Don’t you think it just screams, “I think my spaceship knows which way to go”?


Domestic Fossil (TV)

Beam us up, Scotty (if you dare)! The Domestic Fossil (TV) is one of five unique televisions made by Adami for the exhibition “Magma Fossile,” held at La Triennale di Milano Design Museum in 2009. In case you’re clueless, limited edition means once they’re gone, there are no reruns.


Round Rolling table

The Round Rolling table, with its one-of-a-kind love-me-or-leave-me-alone attitude, will take your credentials as a design connoisseur into the stratosphere; unfortunately, it’ll also send your other design statements looking for a worm hole to crawl into!