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DAYLIGHT2It’s unbelievable what’s happening here in the land of March Madness and April Showers and May Day! May Day! May Day! Spring ahead for savings beyond human understanding. Click on SAVINGS to be transported right there. You will not be sorry. Well, you might be one of those depressed people who are just always unhappy in which case we can’t really engage. But otherwise, mossPOP is the ticket to springtime happy.


The Final Sale starts Thursday

nevermoreTriggered by the need to finally, after approximately a thousand years, move out of our lovely warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, welcome to NEVERMORE, the final sale of Moss. Now is the last moment of all time that you can buy something from Moss. 402 West 13th Street, dead center of the Meatpacking District, which didn’t exist when Moss opened in 1994. 11am to 7pm. For everyone sad that we closed and regretting you didn’t buy that special thing, here’s your chance.