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Rizzoli’s beautiful new store has launch party

IMG_1366It was craziness last night at Broadway and 25th Street, the location of the new Rizzoli store. Okay, okay, maybe the store’s not quite finished but they had a launch party scheduled so launch they did. Thousands of New York book lovers showed up and lined up to get in. Once inside, you saw the excellent and gorgeous Fornasetti wallpaper, had a glass of wine, if you could make it to the bar, and got to hear Diane von Furstenberg and Rizzoli publisher Charles Miers wish you a warm [no air conditioning as yet] welcome. That’s them below. IMG_1363


$85, $52.95 or $559.61 — your choice

GeorgJensen_CoverMurray’s shiny gorgeous Georg Jensen book is available all over the place, and even on Amazon it’s offered at so many price points, it’s dizzying. And very curious. Why would someone who could purchase the book nearly anywhere for its listed price of $85, or on Amazon for $52.95, choose of their own free will to pay $559.61 for THE SAME BOOK. Are there people out there who could possibly think to themselves, My God there must be something REALLY special about that $559.61 version even though they don’t say there is. Why else would they be charging so much? Think I better just snap one right up. Yessirree. Here’s my titanium Amex. Sure don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.

Disegno goes NUTTY over Murray’s Jensen book

disegnoDespite the somewhat odd spelling of Murray’s name, this Disegno piece was very positive about the book and goes into much detail on the thinking behind it.  Most of it is an interview so a lot of the pith comes from Murray himself. He’s always had pith to spare. Click on any one of those gorgeous pitchers to read the full piece. And if you still have not purchased the book, we’re going to start worrying about you soon, but luckily you can fix this stupendous blunder by going here and plunking down your credit card.

1st Dibs goes CRAZY over Murray’s Jensen book

dibsYou really need to read it to believe it. Click to go there. If only all reviewers could be so brilliantly insightful and think Murray was so great and his every word was worth remembering. Then wouldn’t the world be a better place?  We think so.

Vanity Fair UK says Murray’s Jensen book is “nothing to sneeze at”

Microsoft Word - Document1Well, actually they said the 110 years of Georg Jensen was nothing to sneeze at, but since that’s what the book is about, it’s kind of all the same thing. They did not say “sumptuously beautiful” like the Telegraph said, but still “nothing to sneeze at” is nothing to sneeze at. As we have always said. There are also those who might say that Jennifer Lawrence was nothing to sneeze at but really, can we stay focused? This is about Murray’s book, Georg Jensen Reflections, available at many fine bookstores and also at Amazon, which is neither fine nor a bookstore. But we all knew that.

ARTINFO loves Murray’s new Georg Jensen book. Who wouldn’t?

blouinjensenAnother glowing review for MM’s new book. Click on the elegant pitcher to see the review on ARTINFO. Click here to buy the book on deathstar Amazon when it’s released on October 21.

NY Times loves Murray’s new Georg Jensen book

Don’t you love the word RAVISHING? It’s so expressive and excessive and over the top and accurate. Click on the book to read the full article in its own ravishing detail. You can also buy it at Hachette-hating Amazon.


Sneeky peek at the Town&Country review of yet another book by Murray Moss

Microsoft Word - Document2Can the madness just go on and on? Now, he has written a book which is transforming the way one should be looking at Georg Jensen. It’s not released yet so do not panic. Soon, very soon. And, seriously, folks, this is a seriously serious book. Gorgeous, and heavy, and smart. Just like George Clooney. Except for heavy. Or smart. Okay, okay, so Clooney might be smart. Back off, will you? Anyway,  my point, if I could just return to it, is about the book. The book is smart and heavy and gorgeous, and according to T&C, swooney. Which rhymes with Clooney, and presto,  we’re right back where we started.

Murray signing his Baccarat epic last night at epic Baccarat booksigning party


The 250 year history of Baccarat in a gorgeous photo-dense coffee table book (published by Rizzoli)  was launched last night at a big party at the newly opened Baccarat Madison Ave shop where co-author Murray Moss signed books for the leopard coat wearing masses. In case you were unable to get past the Baccarat Bouncers last night and are devastated you missed out, you’re in luck. You can still get one of the Special Boxed Edition complete with dramatic and personal Moss signature by clicking on any of the champagne glasses in the photo. You’ll be swept away to mossPOP where you can plunk down your plastic and be made a happier person.