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Fresh From Collective 2 Design Fair: Hella Jongerius

In case you missed it (for shame!), this May, at Collective 2, Moss Bureau presented a selective retrospective of the work of Hella JongeriusThe exhibit included studio work, solo exhibitions, commissions and collaborative pieces developed over the artist’s long history and friendship with Moss. The Moss Gallery always carried something of Hella’s.  And now Moss continues the tradition by presenting the pieces on the Moss Bureau site, for sharing, for educating, for pleasing and of course, for sale. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 4.16.10 PM


Interior Design Fashions a Material ConneXion

Monday morning means yet another exciting day at the Bureau, this time in the company of Interior Design Magazine’s Editor in Chief Cindy Allen and Managing Editor Helene Oberman. The project is an exciting cross-collaboration of fashion,  art and interiors that features Cecile Zu Hohenlohe’s sculptural rings and the latest additions to Material ConneXion’s library. That’s all we can say for now, but look for it in the upcoming edition of Interior Design! Fine, you can have this sneak peak to hold you over until then. Just this once.

photo 4Setting up for the shoot.

photo 2Photographer Paul Godwin and Interior Design Magazine’s Cindy Allen staging the show.photo 3 (1)Artist at work.

photo 5(L-R) Helene Oberman, Cindy Allen and Paul Godwin contemplating.


photo 3The stars of the show.

Who Said it Can’t All Be ArcoBalenos and Butterflies?

The results are in, and Cecile’s Rings are currently being highlighted in a front page feature on L’ArcoBaleno! The design collector’s dream site chose Cecile Von Hohenlohe’s jewels, available exclusively through the Moss Bureau, and now in the L’ArcoBaleno shop,  as an Editor’s Pick. See what they had to say below, and visit the site to browse the rest of Moss Bureau’s unique collection for yourself. Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.48.00 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.51.34 AM

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Corian makes a great kitchen counter, sure, but a ring? Really?

Yessiree. Fresh for 2012, Moss has a boxful of lovely little rings made in Corian and lined with felt of many colors. Red, orange, blue, purple, yellow, black, green and chartreuse, to be exact. If you’ve ever wanted your hand to just kind of disappear when you’re in a modern kitchen, (and, really, who hasn’t?)
this is your chance. They’re only $65 each so you could get one for each finger. Or for each day of the week. Or some for day, some for night. Or uptown/downtown, Manhattan/Brooklyn. How about one for each failed Republican presidential candidate. Bloss could go on and on. But Bloss won’t.

I’ve got my eye on your ring

Seriously twisted Seattle-based artist Cathy McClure, who lives to rip the shit out of plush mechanical toys, always ends up with lots of leftover bits, and being as she is not only twisted but also green, she makes use of everything. Hence, our new load of her Bot Rings, featuring the eyes she’s ripped out of sweet little plush sockets. These might just have to be seen to be believed.

Hey sweetheart, ring me.

Did you see the piece in the Times today about cameos? Apparently, they’re all the hipster rage. Well, we got our own cameos. Sweetheart Rings by Susanne Klemm, Dutch artist and jewelry maker. These are part of her “Red Light” collection, which, continuing our popular prostitute theme, was created when her studio was in the red light district of Amsterdam. We do not make these things up. Here a couple more.

Ring of Color

You just can’t get more colorful than a ring made of carved crayon. Each is unique and each has a semi-precious stone embedded in its little crayon body. Created by Yael Friedman, as the third CASE STUDY IN CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY collaboration between Moss and Gallery Loupe. Beautiful, exotic AND you can draw with them!

Each ring $450.00.