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Eli_Whitney_Gun_Factory_William_Giles_Munson_1827“Forget Jerusalem,” Trump said this morning. “I didn’t say Jerusalem. I said Hamden. Anyway, I meant Hamden whatever you might have heard me say. ” Trump went on to say that everyone knew this anyway and he was just acknowledging the obvious. He also said the US would be moving the American embassy to East Rock Park as soon as was feasible and that this would lead to a two-state solution between Israel and Connecticut. As to the charges of “recklessness” and “stupidity”, Trump said he was only keeping a campaign promise because those are exactly what his base demands.


“You can’t abdicate and eat it, too”

duke and duck

So we watched a documentary on Netflix that claimed that Wallis actually said that to Edward. Who knew she was funny? Nazi, yes. Funny, no. This lovely portrait of the two royal Nazi sympathizers is part of the Tertium Quid collection and is available for purchase as of this very moment, right on our new website Torpedo House, which you should go see even if you don’t like the Royals or the Nazis or silver teapots. It’s all about expanding your worldview. Incidentally, Edward was quite the moron, it turns out, and Wallis was awful in too many ways to count. Click on her round smug little face for transport to Torpedo.House. You’ll land in Tertium Quid. Scroll down.

Mom, What’s a Debt Ceiling?

All this debt-talk of late is making Bloss’ pretty little head spin. From “debt ceilings” to “defaulting” to a bevy of weird-looking animorphs labeled “Congressmen,” the “American Financial Crisis 2.0: Debt Edition” is giving Bloss one of Michele Bachmann’s migraines.

Let’s start with the terminology. “Defaulting” – that’s the verb for selecting one’s Facebook profile picture. Obviously we know that one. Now, “Debt ceiling” – what is that? We’re still trying to figure out “glass ceiling” and now they’ve gone a thrown a whole other ceiling into the mix? Rude.

OK, so we don’t know what a “debt ceiling” is. Fine. But we know what it looks like.

That tall building on the right of the above graphic (courtesy of wtfnoway.com) is a visualization of the US’s debt in $100 bills. That’s one hefty skyscraper, I’d say. Imagine all the jobs we’d create if we actually built our debt into a fancy FiDi hi-rise hotel/apartment/I-Banker bro-lounge/fusion sushi bar. We’d be saved!

And then we’d get to see the actual debt ceiling. The top of the building. Duh.

Find out more about this debt-situation at wtfnoway.com.