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The Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City plus teepees and giant shuttlecock

IMG_1088Probably this makes no sense to you. That’s because you don’t know Moss Bureau is consulting with the Nelson Atkins Museum and we were just in Kansas City and the museum has a big installation up right now called The Plains Indians  (which explains the teepees) and the shuttlecock is actually an Oldenburg sculpture of which there are a couple on this giant lawn. The idea behind them was that there were these two giants playing badminton using the museum building as the net. I think badminton was invented in Kansas City or something, maybe. Anyway, see the things you can find when you get out of town? Click on the pic to see it bigger. And if you just can’t get enough of that shuttlecock, here’s the famous Shuttlecock Mug that you can buy from the museum’s gift shop. 101485 (1)