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Something to do since the parade’s been postponed: Happy Haunted Dinner Party.

Artinfo has curated furniture for the spookiest dinner party since Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. 
Note the inclusion of the Pesce Golgotha table (fresh from our auction at Phillips and still available, we might add, in case your ghost checkbook is still handy) and also the Maarten Baas burned MacIntosh chair, which was sold years ago. We’re not suggesting Moss is necessarily your source for deeply spooky, but god knows we do what we can. 
Click on the image to access the article 

LuxeCrush on the upcoming Moss-curated auction and Murray’s discerning aesthetic eye


ARTINFO gets it right and highlights Murray’s curating talent.


Curating is one of the things Moss does best. 

Wmagazine’s interview with Murray Moss about the upcoming auction



You’ll love Murray’s quotes.. We won’t spoil it for you.. 

artdaily features Giacometti’s Torse de Femme in Moss auction at Phillips


Wall Street Journal sounds off on the Moss auction at Phillips

 Can’t you just see that silver Sottsass centerpiece over at Rupert and Wendy’s? Writes itself, really.


Time magazine’s Style and Design issue has Murray sitting amidst the teddy bears

and discussing the auction at Phillips. Click the pic to see the article.

Art & Auction talks turkey (well, phoenix, to be precise)

The September Art and Auction  (source of all important auction related news)  is featuring a piece by William Hamilton on the great Toni Zuccheri, the mad glass designer. And lo, right there in the middle, is a reference to Murray and  the upcoming Moss auction at Phillips de Pury and the Zuccheri piece therein. Note the subtle marking on page two to find said reference.