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Glass House Summer Party Candid Snaps

IMG_1394Once again it’s summer and we all know what that means–yes! the Glass House Summer Party. Yay! It was on Saturday afternoon. The photo above was taken from inside the House, looking out at the merrymakers, raising their arms, wearing hats, having drinks,  and generally having a very good time.

IMG_1397This is a rare image of Philip Johnson’s bed in the Glass House. It does seem a bit spartan, I’ll admit. But back when he was actually sleeping there, there were probably pillows. Wild guess. That dark round shape in the upper part of the photo is the bathroom, the door to which is just around the corner of the low wall.

IMG_1398 And lastly, here is the long awaited and deeply moving (for obvious reasons) shot of the Glass House kitchen sink. As in the phrase, “they’ve taken a picture of everything but the…” It stands as a poignant reminder that no matter how elevated or brilliant or aesthetically precise one may become, one still needs to have water in the kitchen. This is a simple stainless steel sink with standard industrial handles and faucet. Nothing fancy. Unlike the party itself, which was in, its elegant understatement, very fancy indeed.


Little cat feet at the Philip Johnson Glass House

ghsWe were at the Glass House the other night for the final enfogging (fogation?) of Veil, the installation by Fujiko Nakaya that’s been fogging up the Glass House glass since May.  We had never seen it at night, and it’s truly gorgeous and spooky and makes you cold and wet and happy all at the same time. Also blind. Did I mention wet? It’s fog, for God’s sake.  This ever so slightly out of focus (though otherwise excellent and moving) shot of the fog was taken just before it enveloped the entire house, like a shroud. But shroud in the good sense.

The New York Times Likes it Hot


Likely inspired by the exceedingly high demand for warm comfort foods recently (how mysterious, could it be the weather?), this week’s New York Times Dining and Wine  Front Burner featured the retro-inspired coffee thermos from none other than the Philip Johnson Design Store. The article credits Murray for the store design, and mentions the former Moss store and galleries.

Go ahead, have a pour. Click the coffee pot to read the article. 


GLASS HOUSE DESIGN SHOP among top five museum shops in the country says WALL STREET JOURNAL


Earlier this year, Moss Bureau redefined the retail operation at the Glass House in New Canaan. Everything offered in the new store was curated for its “Johnson-esque-ness” says the article. And it surely was. We started with his 1935 MoMA exhibition Machine Art, and worked forward from there, with special emphasis on objects designed the year the house was built, 1948. The store now tells a unique story, very much defined by the Glass House, and unlike any other museum shop in the world. We’re proud of the work we did and very pleased that someone noticed. 

Click on the Glass House logo to read the WSJ article. 


New Canaan, the Not Miami

Image Yes, we know EVERYONE is heading to Miami, but we, being we, went in the other direction. Up to New Canaan, for a get together at the home of Henry Urbach, the Director of the Glass House. Henry lives in the house that was once David Whitney’s and seems to have the entire Glass House rolling property as his back yard, which is just about as swell as it gets. So we wandered around a little and saw some of the structures one usally doesn’t visit. For instance, above is the amazing tower Johnson built in 1985 as a memorial to Lincoln Kirstein. And below,   is Murray, standing on it, having fearlessly climbed an entire foot to the first ledge. Yes, that boy is game. Image



TOWN&COUNTRY Online has a lot to say about the new Glass House Design Store


And we couldn’t agree more. Click on the row of tiny chairs to read the full article.


Fan Zhong reinvents Murray reinventing the Gift Shop at the Glass House, in W online today

ImageGreat piece in W online today about the “reinvented” retail at Philip Johnson’s Glass House. 


Summer Party at the Glass House on Saturday

Image It was a glorious day, and how wonderful to stroll those spectacular grounds, drinking heavily.  And then have our picnic lunch listening to a thin woman playing the accordian and singing. I know that sounds like it might have been slightly weird, but somehow it just all worked and a great time was had by all.  Good job, Mr. Johnson. 


The Conversation in Context at the Glass House, beginning and ending


First up Murray and Francois are in front of the cameras, with the Glass House behind them, being interviewed for the film of the Conversation.


And this is toward the end of the tour of the grounds, when the group finally gets to go inside the House.  That’s a newly installed piece by Tauba Auerbach on the coffee table, amidst the Mies furniture.