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Debutante Cotillion and Christmas Ball

cot1As one sometimes does, we found ourselves at the annual Debutante Cotillion at the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf the other night, because a young friend of ours was coming out (we do have friends, you know), where the debutantes were indeed presented to society (I think the correct phrase  is “polite society” though that seems odd in so many ways) and a good time was had by all. As luck would have it, who should also be there, though not a giant surprise, but the Times’ own Bill Cunningham, and we happened to catch him in action. Here he is, right in the center of this shot, white hair, tuxedo, snapping away. It’s reassuring to know that no matter what, no matter where, Bill Cunningham is going to be there. (Click on the pic to see Bill larger). Happy holidays to everybody.


Sit! Astro, sit! New York Times spots the mossPOP warehouse sale featuring Jetsons-like doghouse

mosspopdoghouseIt’s the mossPOP.com warehouse sale which we’re calling “WE’RE ONLY HUMAN” because we’re selling things we kind of forgot we had, and just found again.  Like this Michael Young doghouse which looks like it was 3D printed by The Jetsons.  And many other items of similar provenance and peculiarity and cheapness.  Click on the doghouse to see the Rima Suqi piece in the Times. Click here to go to the sale. 

NY Times loves Murray’s new Georg Jensen book

Don’t you love the word RAVISHING? It’s so expressive and excessive and over the top and accurate. Click on the book to read the full article in its own ravishing detail. You can also buy it at Hachette-hating Amazon.


Side Effects Include Excitement, Awe, and Inflated Egos.

Or maybe that’s exclusive to being in the Sunday Times Highlights. Image

Stop the Presses! Just Kidding, Keep it Coming.

See our updated press page for reviews, photos, comments and reactions to Hella Jongerius’ solo exhibit at this year’s Collective 2 Design Fair, presented by yours truly. And click below for direct links to the articles and images. Thanks to all those who attended! ImageImage

Murray talks “future classics” to the Times

Who better than Murray to have strong opinions on what will be considered iconic and classic design in 2050. And who better than Julie Lasky from the NY Times to ask him. Read all about it here.