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TERTIUM QUID is at the MoMA bookstore. Here’s living proof.

momaRace over there right now. Maybe they only have three copies left. Or you could click on the pic to buy it at mossPOP.  Don’t get us wrong. We’re really pleased that it’s at MoMA, but a sale is a sale.


Matisse at MoMA or Marc Fornes at Moss Bureau. You decide.


They’re nice enough, I suppose, for paint on canvas. And naked is always good, of course, though doesn’t it sort of cheapen the whole effort?  I don’t know. I guess I was expecting more.


Well, now we’re cooking. Do you know how hard it is to get aluminum to do this? It’s practically impossible. This is what you want dancers to be. Graceful, elegant, oversized, empty, and able to cut you if you get too close.

This vote isn’t even close.

Murray presents WSJ award to Joris Laarman, misses the mimes!

Unbelievably, Murray Moss was AWOL when the mimes were doing the Mutewatch Boogie down at Moss on Thursday. He was, as they say, uptown. Well, midtown, to be precise, at MoMA, hanging with Carl Icann and Marc Jacobs (now there’s a duo to reckon with), at the Wall Street Journal Innovators Award gala thing. His job was to present to Joris, who despite being Dutch, is famously NOT represented by Moss. No point in holding a grudge. These and many other pics from the Billy Farrell Agency, where you will be taken if you click them.

Download Maarten Baas Analog Digital Clock App For the iPhone

Anyone with eyes will tell you the iPhone clock just isn’t very aesthetic. (No offense, Steve Jobs, we’re just saying.)

As a smart and pleasing alternative, we point you toward the Maarten Baas Analog Digital clock iPhone app. Available for download at the iTunes app store here, the app is a replica of the Baas Analog Digital Clock on Blu Ray, which is on view at MoMA as part of their TALK TO ME exhibit opening July 24. It’s both a clock and a work of art. Watch it closely for a couple of minutes and you’ll see a person behind the scenes quickly erasing and redrawing those “digital” numbers, to keep the clock on time. Is that Maarten himself back there? Do you care? Get a life. Isn’t it enough that it’s only $0.99? So there’s no reason for you not to have it. Unless, of course, you have a Blackberry or a Droid… in which case, it’s obvious you don’t care about aesthetics anyways, so you’re not missing out.

Maarten at MoMA

Last night’s opening of TALK TO ME at MoMA was filled with the museum world’s best and brightest looking at work from the digital world’s best and brightest. Including our own Maarten Baas. Two of his digital clocks were featured prominently. Here’s a grabbed shot of the clocks and another of the Agnes Gund Garden Lobby billed with merry makers.