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2012 is going to be better than 2011, yes?

Well, for one thing, there won’t be any mimes.

You really had to be there, to enjoy the full on, in your face mime-ness of the evening

At the Mutewatch launch, the two mimes, David and David, were totally into their Mutewatches. It was love at first tap. And they were super eager to share their love.

When they weren’t helping out the bartender, that is.

Or dancing with the Vice Counsel from the Swedish Consulate.

M day. US launch of the MUTEWATCH. From quiet Sweden.

The MUTEWATCH is everything you want in a watch, plus less. Because it doesn’t make any noise. No irritating ticking and when the alarm goes off, to remind you to go to bed or something, the watch vibrates on your wrist. But in a good way. On sale now. Supplies are limited. Don’t be the only one in your bookclub with an old fashioned ticker.

Yo, it’s party time, for the US launch of the very very quiet Mutewatch, and yes there will be mimes.

Everybody loves mimes, right? Well, some people love mimes, surely. Okay, okay, nobody actually even likes mimes, but at least there won’t be balloon animals. Or clowns. And there will be all those quiet watches. They just vibrate to get your attention. Like you know who.

You must RSVP to get in. Don’t just show up or the doormime won’t let you in.

The long awaited MUTEWATCH is finally here. Shhhhhhhh

It’s the watch that doesn’t say it’s a watch. In fact, it doesn’t say much of anything. It just there–looking great on your wrist. But for those literalists amongst us who simply must have their watch do something watch-like, the Mutewatch will graciously elegantly accommodate. See? There’s the time. Click to buy.

More colors coming soon. Red next week.