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Materialise went public this morning and we were there to cheer them on

ImageOur friends Materialise, the Belgium 3D printing company we’ve worked with for years, went public this morning and we were at NASDAQ when they rang the opening bell. As proof we were there, here’s a fuzzy photo of the NASDAQ tower in Times Square with, yes, Murray and Franklin looking out at you. Click on that hole in Franklin’s face to get the full story and some less fuzzy photos.


ImageMurray now has a column in DEPARTURES magazine. Of course, the first one would be about fruit bowls. Really, people don’t change. Click on that big red logo to get to the goods.

Murray in a wig in Pittsburgh

ImageIn the main room at the Warhol Museum, we installed two giant Fright Wigs, under which you were encouraged to stand and have your portrait taken, with a Polaroid–JUST LIKE ANDY USED TO DO! Here’s Murray, doing a test drive. And here’s what the setup looked like, just before the hordes of RAPID 2013 delegates arrived. 


Stephen Jones meeting his green self


Three out of Four ain’t bad



Here are three of the Four Continents busts of Stephen Jones. There’s one more coming and IF YOU WERE GOING TO RAPID 2013 3-D PRINTING CONFERENCE, you’d be able to see them all, in Murray’s installation at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh on Monday. It’s not too late. You can still register. Also, it’s not raining in Pittsburgh. 

You can go to Pittsburgh. You can go to the Warhol Museum. But you can’t go to Murray’s installation at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh


And you won’t be able to see the giant 3-D printed Fright Wigs (like the one in the Andy Self Portait) AND get your own portrait taken wearing the wig. Sorry. You can’t come. Unless you register for the RAPID 2013 conference, that is.  It really boils down to what you want to do with your life. Do you want to learn about  the most exciting technology happening today or not?

3D printed prostitute shoes. Can you stand it?

This is the Melonia shoe, 14 pairs of which currently surround the hot and sexy Bed of Ware at the Victoria & Albert Museum, as part of the big 3D printing installation we’ve been writing about. For some reason, this is everyone’s favorite part of the show. Prostitute shoes. Go figure. But get this, friends with feet, this shoe is also totally wearable by non-prostitutes! Yes, yes, it’s true. You, too, could be stepping into the future. Available at Moss in November. Click the pic for more detail on the exhibit.