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Polaroid portraits in Warhol fright wigs, and yes, in Pittsburgh!

ImageThis is the big room at the Warhol Museum, with the big self portrait of Andy in the background, and our (amazing) blue and pink 3D-printed wigs under which guests were invited to pose, for their portait. See below for a random sampling of the many who lined up for this once in a lifetime opportunity. ImageImage


ImageAnd to PROVE it was all genuiine Polaroid portraiture, here’s someone receiving his actual Polaroid, fresh from the camera. 




Five out of Four ain’t bad, either



Here’s that milliner extraordinaire Stephen Jones his very self, seated amongst his busts in front of a portrait of Andy. He had not seen them until he got to the Museum and is still getting over having four more of his own head in the same room.  We’re all installed and waiting for the attendees from the RAPID 2013 conference to arrive. Too bad you’re not here. 

Murray’s curated an installation at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and you can’t go


There’s a big 3-D printing conference in Pittsburgh (called RAPID 2013) coming up and Murray has curated an installation for Materialise Belgium which will be the Conference opening night event. It’s at the Andy Warhol Museum and you can’t go. Because it’s only for Conference attendees. Sorry. It’s really really too bad you can’t go because it’s going to be groundbreaking and very cool. For instance, this red bust is of  London milliner extraordinaire Stephen Jones, and it’s one of four, different colors, one for each of four continents, and it’s an example of how amazing the resolution of 3-D printing can be now. And look at the pedestal–this is the first time one has been printed without internal support. You probably don’t know why this is such an innovation, but then, what do you know? You can’t even go to the installation. Click here for more info on the installation and RAPID 2013.  Click the photo, then enlarge to see how unbelievable the resolution can be now.

OMG–now he’s on video!

LDF Special: Murray Moss from It's Nice That on Vimeo.