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Fresh From Collective 2 Design Fair: Hella Jongerius

In case you missed it (for shame!), this May, at Collective 2, Moss Bureau presented a selective retrospective of the work of Hella JongeriusThe exhibit included studio work, solo exhibitions, commissions and collaborative pieces developed over the artist’s long history and friendship with Moss. The Moss Gallery always carried something of Hella’s.  And now Moss continues the tradition by presenting the pieces on the Moss Bureau site, for sharing, for educating, for pleasing and of course, for sale. 

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Stop the Presses! Just Kidding, Keep it Coming.

See our updated press page for reviews, photos, comments and reactions to Hella Jongerius’ solo exhibit at this year’s Collective 2 Design Fair, presented by yours truly. And click below for direct links to the articles and images. Thanks to all those who attended! ImageImage

The Time is Come, The Day Draweth Near

The Hella Jongerius Exhibit at Collective 2 is finally coming together, and we couldn’t be more excited! Because we’re so good at sneaking peaks for you, here are some previews of what’s to come this weekend. Remember, Collective 2 runs from May 8 through the 11th at Skylight at Moynihan Station, and Hella’s exhibit is a special solo of her work. Be there!

Janine05051218_2Drumroll, curtain, welcome!

Janine05051218A snippet of Hella’s collab work with Vitra. We’re only revealing fragments of the show, appropriately in accordance with the concept of the installation.

Janine05051219_1What’s in the box? If it interesting enough to hold the attention of a bunch of college guys, it’s gotta be worth seeing.


Janine05051221Murray in his element. That’s the light bulb that goes off when Murray gets a new idea. It’s proportionate to his brilliance.

Janine05051229So close!



It’s Getting Closer!

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Murray, Milan, John Pawson and Wilson the dog

Murray, Milan, John Pawson and a Wilson the dog

Murray’s just back from Milan and the Salone and the Maharam dinner, where he is seen here entertaining John Pawson by trying to give him a plush dog named Wilson. Click the pic to see the rest of Wilson’s Milan adventures. Murray’s adventures were similar.


Night Over Aspen


Night Over Aspen

Murray has taken to writing stories for the Maharam.com website. Here’s his most recent in the link above, in case you’d like to see why he’s so popular. Look through the lineup of other stories for his earlier flashes of brilliance. Especially one called “The Liar”–that’s everyone’s favorite.

Iconic Eames lounge makeover x 2. In the Times today

Once again on the cutting edge of so much, really, Moss, with pal Maharam, shows you how to make the perfect even better. It’s all explained here in a piece in the Times today. Click the ottoman to read.

You are so under surveillance

Check out Private Eyes from Maharam Digital Projects. So fabulously spooky. It’s like Dali gone berserk. (A short trip, if you know what we mean.) Here’s what it looks like in situ. That’s French for right by the front door.