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One crucial day left for the Moss Archives auction at Paddle8

STOP2 Please, please,  don’t live the rest of your life as a bitter and disappointed design collector. We know how miserable that will make you and those dear to you. First, you will begin to lose interest in everything you now love. You will start drinking more and more, secretly, and then openly, brazenly. And eventually, yes, we have seen this so many times before, you will spiral out of control. This sad path is so very clear, but it is not inevitable. We can but urge you to click through, now,  to the Paddle8 auction and take this final opportunity to give yourself the gift of great design, and thereby save yourself from a life of eternal dissatisfaction and design barrenness. We do not say this to benefit ourselves in any way, of course.  Our only concern is you. One day left.

Major MOSS sale at online auction house PADDLE8

paddleLive right now, the Paddle8 sale of an excellent selection of items from the Moss archives.  Fabulous pieces of extreme wonderfulness and goodness from the designers we love: Maarten Baas, Hella Jongerius, the Campanas, Luisa Cevese, and so many more. Some might look at this as your last chance to buy something from Moss. They would be right. Click on the 8 to go there. From today until Sept 9.  Bid early, bid often.

Something to do since the parade’s been postponed: Happy Haunted Dinner Party.

Artinfo has curated furniture for the spookiest dinner party since Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. 
Note the inclusion of the Pesce Golgotha table (fresh from our auction at Phillips and still available, we might add, in case your ghost checkbook is still handy) and also the Maarten Baas burned MacIntosh chair, which was sold years ago. We’re not suggesting Moss is necessarily your source for deeply spooky, but god knows we do what we can. 
Click on the image to access the article 

Murray talks “future classics” to the Times

Who better than Murray to have strong opinions on what will be considered iconic and classic design in 2050. And who better than Julie Lasky from the NY Times to ask him. Read all about it here.


Download Maarten Baas Analog Digital Clock App For the iPhone

Anyone with eyes will tell you the iPhone clock just isn’t very aesthetic. (No offense, Steve Jobs, we’re just saying.)

As a smart and pleasing alternative, we point you toward the Maarten Baas Analog Digital clock iPhone app. Available for download at the iTunes app store here, the app is a replica of the Baas Analog Digital Clock on Blu Ray, which is on view at MoMA as part of their TALK TO ME exhibit opening July 24. It’s both a clock and a work of art. Watch it closely for a couple of minutes and you’ll see a person behind the scenes quickly erasing and redrawing those “digital” numbers, to keep the clock on time. Is that Maarten himself back there? Do you care? Get a life. Isn’t it enough that it’s only $0.99? So there’s no reason for you not to have it. Unless, of course, you have a Blackberry or a Droid… in which case, it’s obvious you don’t care about aesthetics anyways, so you’re not missing out.

Maarten at MoMA

Last night’s opening of TALK TO ME at MoMA was filled with the museum world’s best and brightest looking at work from the digital world’s best and brightest. Including our own Maarten Baas. Two of his digital clocks were featured prominently. Here’s a grabbed shot of the clocks and another of the Agnes Gund Garden Lobby billed with merry makers.

Moss Gets Sky High


For those of you who are not fortunate enough to call New York home (yeah, we’re that arrogant), we thought we’d give you a taste of our “Under a Full Moon” exhibition, which we celebrated with an opening last week. Click on the name of the artist or designer for his or her galaxy of goods. You might want to lean away from the computer so you don’t drool on the keyboard. If you decide against it, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Maarten Baas

Studio Job

Peter Marigold

Hella Jongerius

Fernando and Humberto Campana

Gaetano Pesce

Joost van Bleiswijk

Kiki van Eijk

Massimiliano Adami

Mathias Bengtsson

Angelo Mangiarotti

Oscar Magnus Narud

Tom Binns

Michael Anastassiades

Cathy McClure

Sergio Rodrigues