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Gaetano Pesce’s gorgeous Water Tables

One of the highlights of the London fall design and art season is the David Gill exhibition of six new tables by our great good friend Gaetano Pesce. Here are two of the six, and you can see all of them at Design Boom.

Working in his signature resin, polyurethane foam and PVC, Pesce once again brings social and environmental commentary to vivid brilliant life.

As you know, he has often brought vivid brilliant life to Moss over the years, with monumental vases, for instance, and most recently the Golgotha table at our Phillips auction


ocean table
editions david gill, limited to 7 + 2P + 2AP

pond table
editions david gill, limited to 7 + 2P + 2AP


3D printed prostitute shoes. Can you stand it?

This is the Melonia shoe, 14 pairs of which currently surround the hot and sexy Bed of Ware at the Victoria & Albert Museum, as part of the big 3D printing installation we’ve been writing about. For some reason, this is everyone’s favorite part of the show. Prostitute shoes. Go figure. But get this, friends with feet, this shoe is also totally wearable by non-prostitutes! Yes, yes, it’s true. You, too, could be stepping into the future. Available at Moss in November. Click the pic for more detail on the exhibit.

Don’t be thinking 3D printing is all in the future. It’s here now, fashionistas.

Here’s the complicated and exquisite Escapism Dress designed by super-up-and-coming fashion designer Iris Van Herpen, as it is in Murray’s installation at the V&A. (We made this shot a little out of focus so you wouldn’t be frightened.) But wait–look below! OMG, it’s the SAME DRESS. On the runway at Iris’s fashion show in January, being worn by an actual human. Right there in the lineup with all those old fashioned sewn together with thread things. So, yeah, 3D printing, crazy and out there as it is, is already here. Get used to it. Click on the pic below to go to Iris’s website. Photo by Michel Zoeter.

OMG–now he’s on video!

LDF Special: Murray Moss from It's Nice That on Vimeo.

The Guardian reviews London Design Festival-it’s all about the prostitute shoes

Well, maybe not ALL about, there are those giant John Pawson Swarovski lenses at St Paul’s after all, but Murray’s 14 pairs of prostitute shoes surrounding the orgy Bed of Ware do feature rather prominently in Jonathan Glancey’s review in yesterday’s Guardian. Click on the bed for the full monty.

Party-time at Kenny’s

An exclusive get-together of Design Royalty just moments before the London Design Festival formally kicks off, organized by Murray and Joris (of MGX) and hosted by Kenny Schachter. Here are a few quick snaps taken by our own Judy Dobias of Camron. Oh look, there’s Murray standing between Kenny (looking all squinchy-faced) and Nick Vinson from Wallpaper. And isn’t that Libby Sellers just over Kenny’s shoulder? I think it is. And there’s Murray explaining it all to a small group of fascinated onlookers, except of course for Joris who has heard it all before and is drinking to forget. No idea who’s in the third pic, other than Murray, of course. If you know, tell us in a comment.

3D installation underway at the V & A

Here’s the 3D Lady Bellhaven with hat en route from the truck into the museum.The installation of our eight locations is a big job, especially because we can only work early in the morning and after six at night. But it’s looking GORGEOUS. Here are some pieces already installed.

Q & A about the V & A

And now it’s the New York Times climbing on the V&A/London Design Festival/3D Printing bandwagon. See the Home section today for a Q&A with Murray about the installation. Or click the pic.

Sometimes it really pays off to give a reporter a nice danish

This morning, Artinfo.com has a great piece on Murray’s upcoming V&A installation for the London Design Festival. This is the 3-D printed hat and bust, designed by milliner to the upper crusty, Stephen Jones, which will go next to Lady Bellhaven in the V&A Sculpture Court. Click on the image for the full article.

Wild doings at the Moss Breakfast Theatre

For a press event at crack of dawn this morning, Moss turned itself into a mini theatre, complete with actual seats, and breakfast food items. The purpose was to present all the design-driven action one could look forward to at the upcoming London Design Festival (September 17 to 25). One of the epicenters of said action is the V&A, where Murray will be curating a series of interventions. All 3D printing. All Materialise, Belgium. All over the museum. Another huckleberry scone, please, Juan.