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Click on their logo for the full story. And if you were so overscheduled during that frenzied week, you didn’t get to see these amazing pieces by Marc Fornes, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!   Click here for more info and to find out where to call or email for private view. Don’t be the only one of your crowd not to see it. Remember the McQueen show at the Met. Don’t let that happen again. 


Matisse at MoMA or Marc Fornes at Moss Bureau. You decide.


They’re nice enough, I suppose, for paint on canvas. And naked is always good, of course, though doesn’t it sort of cheapen the whole effort?  I don’t know. I guess I was expecting more.


Well, now we’re cooking. Do you know how hard it is to get aluminum to do this? It’s practically impossible. This is what you want dancers to be. Graceful, elegant, oversized, empty, and able to cut you if you get too close.

This vote isn’t even close.

If anyone has any money left, after Christies last night, then bring it over to Moss Bureau. Our Danseurs cost way less than $58M.



For that same $58M, you could buy more than 4000 of these Danseurs. Or you could if they were not unique pieces. 

May the Force be with you. And may the Force force you to go to Moss Bureau on Friday night.



Les Danseurs du Tailor. Still dancing. Still aluminum. Still amazing. Friday at Moss Bureau 6 to 8. Anyway, Frieze is over. What else do you have to do?

Danseurs dancing. Today at Moss Bureau 3pm. Pas de deux. Pas de probleme.



Marc Fornes will be on hand to talk about the process. All we know is that it involves a LOT of people working a LONG time. All for you. Don’t miss it. You only regret what you don’t do. I think Joyce Brothers said that. RIP, by the way. 


Les Danseurs du Tailor TONIGHT at MOSS BUREAU


Yes, yes, we’re having thunderstorms and flash floods, and Frieze is open and fabulous, and it’s the last day of Collective, but really where else are you going to see CNC-cut, hand-riveted aluminum dancers? Nowhere, and you know it. These  pieces are amazing. You are amazing. You belong together.  6 to 8 tonight. What else do you have to do?


The Danseurs are flying through the Bureau. Aluminum never looked so beautiful.


Three (count’em) three artist receptions: Saturday (11th), 6 to 8, Tuesday (14th) 3 to 5, Friday (17th)  6 to 8.  Come meet the Danseurs. And just to clarify, there is NO PERFORMANCE. This is an installation. A wonderful installation. If we say so ourselves.

Hey, get your hand off my titty, you big lug!


Ah, yes, the Danseurs installation is going swimmingly. No problems at all.

The dancers are coming! The dancers are coming!

dancerspic2 dancersopicLes Danseurs du Tailor have arrived at the Bureau, shrouded in blankets and wrapped in plastic for their perilous journey from deepest DUMBO. Our crack team of installers  will be unwrapping and hanging and crimping  until they are all dancing together in a state of frenzied abandon.