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Who Said it Can’t All Be ArcoBalenos and Butterflies?

The results are in, and Cecile’s Rings are currently being highlighted in a front page feature on L’ArcoBaleno! The design collector’s dream site chose Cecile Von Hohenlohe’s jewels, available exclusively through the Moss Bureau, and now in the L’ArcoBaleno shop,  as an Editor’s Pick. See what they had to say below, and visit the site to browse the rest of Moss Bureau’s unique collection for yourself. Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.48.00 AM

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It May not be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoot, but it May Certainly Get Steamy.

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Well, the tea pot may. We wouldn’t recommend drinking hot liquids out of Baccarat crystal.

We’re talking of course, about our exciting Monday morning photo shoot for Moss Bureau’s L’ArcoBaleno online gallery and shop, featuring curated sets from the MossPop store, and the Bureau’s Private Sales and exclusive collection of rare, limited edition and hand crafted pieces.

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Gold on your face, part 2

Turns out you can augment that gold on your face with some gold on your body. Check out these gold plated jackets by Ian Campbell. You, too, can look like you just stepped out of an Egyptian tomb. But like in a good way. Of course.

That would be Ian himself, there in front.

Never wear gold until after Labor Day, especially on your face.

It’s gorgeously bleak today and it’s supposed to rain all week. Yay! Summer’s over, thank god. What better time to step out wearing a unique hand plated pair of vintage sunglasses? Bloss lives to serve. As you know. One of a kind. Just like you.

In honor of the dropping of charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

The Gold Zipper Necklace

I mean, really. What can Bloss say? Bloss is so rarely at a loss for words but this situation is so complique, as the French might say. Or unzipped, as Bloss would say. Wearing a Zipper necklace would demonstrate solidarity. With whom, one might ask. Indeed. Quel fromage.
Regardez le zippaire necklace.