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1st Dibs goes CRAZY over Murray’s Jensen book

dibsYou really need to read it to believe it. Click to go there. If only all reviewers could be so brilliantly insightful and think Murray was so great and his every word was worth remembering. Then wouldn’t the world be a better place?  We think so.


Vanity Fair UK says Murray’s Jensen book is “nothing to sneeze at”

Microsoft Word - Document1Well, actually they said the 110 years of Georg Jensen was nothing to sneeze at, but since that’s what the book is about, it’s kind of all the same thing. They did not say “sumptuously beautiful” like the Telegraph said, but still “nothing to sneeze at” is nothing to sneeze at. As we have always said. There are also those who might say that Jennifer Lawrence was nothing to sneeze at but really, can we stay focused? This is about Murray’s book, Georg Jensen Reflections, available at many fine bookstores and also at Amazon, which is neither fine nor a bookstore. But we all knew that.

London TELEGRAPH loves Murray’s new Georg Jensen book

telegraph2London newspaper The Telegraph raves about Georg Jensen  Reflections  today. Design critic Henrietta Thompson calls the book “sumptuously beautiful” which seems quite fair, since, well, that’s exactly what it is.  Click on the sumptuously beautiful bowl above to read her full love letter. Click here to buy the book from dreaded Amazon. 

Launch of Murray’s Georg Jensen book Thursday night

Jensen launchDespite going head to head with the Cooper Hewitt Design Awards gala Thursday night,  there was still a crowd of shining silver luminaries at the apartment for the official launch of Georg Jensen Reflections, Murray’s new book. David Chu, Jensen CEO, hosted. That’s him with Murray in the first pic. These thumbnails are from the website of Billy Farrell, the indefatigable photographer who covered the event as if it were the G8 Summit. Lots of great shots. And, the book?  Also great. Click on the title and fly away to Amazon to get your own copy. And, if you click on any of the thumbs above, you’ll go to Billy’s site, where those of you truly obsessed with Jensen, or Murray, or David Chu, can buy the photos.

ARTINFO loves Murray’s new Georg Jensen book. Who wouldn’t?

blouinjensenAnother glowing review for MM’s new book. Click on the elegant pitcher to see the review on ARTINFO. Click here to buy the book on deathstar Amazon when it’s released on October 21.

NY Times loves Murray’s new Georg Jensen book

Don’t you love the word RAVISHING? It’s so expressive and excessive and over the top and accurate. Click on the book to read the full article in its own ravishing detail. You can also buy it at Hachette-hating Amazon.


Sneeky peek at the Town&Country review of yet another book by Murray Moss

Microsoft Word - Document2Can the madness just go on and on? Now, he has written a book which is transforming the way one should be looking at Georg Jensen. It’s not released yet so do not panic. Soon, very soon. And, seriously, folks, this is a seriously serious book. Gorgeous, and heavy, and smart. Just like George Clooney. Except for heavy. Or smart. Okay, okay, so Clooney might be smart. Back off, will you? Anyway,  my point, if I could just return to it, is about the book. The book is smart and heavy and gorgeous, and according to T&C, swooney. Which rhymes with Clooney, and presto,  we’re right back where we started.


ImageMurray now has a column in DEPARTURES magazine. Of course, the first one would be about fruit bowls. Really, people don’t change. Click on that big red logo to get to the goods.