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artdaily features Giacometti’s Torse de Femme in Moss auction at Phillips



This is why guest lists were invented.


Who the hell are these people? Did we invite them? I don’t think so. They may be very nice, though judging from those gloves, that’s doubtful. In any case, they have obviously somehow slipped past our Rigorous and Ruthless Door Guardians (a division of Blackwater) and made it all the way to the epicenter of Design Zero. It’s only a matter of seconds before they get to the bar. And then god knows what will ensue. If you recognize them, please let us know. We want to hire them as Security Breach Investigators. 


Party of the Century, in a way


Once again, Moss has staged an intervention and stopped the world from dying of boredom. Yes, possums, the opening night of Fraternal Twins has once again proven the enduring power of plain old good design, attractive young people and free alcohol. Who could have predicted? They came, they swilled, they left, smiling and secure in their newfound discoveries. The rain held off, and next door Flos was offering live tattoos, and my god, what more could one want from ICFF week? If you weren’t there, if you stayed uptown at the MoMA party, if you thought the crowds would be too much for your tender sensibilities, then admit now you made a big mistake. Here was where you needed to be. 

It’s Twin Time.

Our super fabulous new installation, Fraternal Twins, opens tonight and we are not kidding when we say it’s probably the most perfect exhibition you will ever see in your life. Speaking of time, here are but two examples of the totally excellent work you will find there. From the One More Time collection, the Little Clock by Joost van Bleiswijk, and Floating Frames clock by Kiki van Eijk. There are 14 more of each of these beauties, each different and each the same. Perfect, right?


Fraternal Twins. So near and yet so far.


Fraternal Twins is the name of our new and wonderful installation, opening at the gallery on May 14.  It’s all about how fraternal twins are the same but also different. It’s this   concept of dissonance applied to studio multiples. And in case you get dragged into a discussion about this, you can throw around the word zygosity. It refers to the degree of identicalness between twins.You’ll sound like you almost know what you’re talking about. Another word that might be relevant in this discussion is spooky. As in when identical twins really are so identical that it’s creepy. They would be having a high zygosity. (There, now I’ve used it in a sentence)(You, too, could try this at home). Luckily, fraternal twins while often a bit alike are generally not spooky. I’m relieved to be able to say that since the left twin above is Murray. And that’s Fern, his fraternal twin sister on the right.  Aren’t they adorable?