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Giant Pink Flamingo x 2, at the MFA shop in Houston

FlamingogoThere’s no business like the pink flamingo business, especially at the Moss Bureau enhanced shop at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. These babies get a lot of attention. No surprise, really. Just the thing to be riding around your pool on these hot hot summer days. Giddy up, Divine! Eat your heart out, John Waters.


Life is so complicated

screw_comp3So stop screwing around. Moss Bureau can simplify things. It’s simply what we do. Click  to learn more.

Moss Bureau comes of age

MB20162016 is going to be a big year for Moss Bureau. We have new clients, we’re launching a new website, two new Instagram pages and this very blog is about to be transformed into a stupendous forum. For those of you who have been just waiting for something new, watch this space. We’ll starting rolling things out over the next week. Except for the obvious reasons why it’s not, 2016 is going to be a great year to be alive. And, of course, what’s the alternative? Stay tuned, friends and neighbors, stay tuned.

One crucial day left for the Moss Archives auction at Paddle8

STOP2 Please, please,  don’t live the rest of your life as a bitter and disappointed design collector. We know how miserable that will make you and those dear to you. First, you will begin to lose interest in everything you now love. You will start drinking more and more, secretly, and then openly, brazenly. And eventually, yes, we have seen this so many times before, you will spiral out of control. This sad path is so very clear, but it is not inevitable. We can but urge you to click through, now,  to the Paddle8 auction and take this final opportunity to give yourself the gift of great design, and thereby save yourself from a life of eternal dissatisfaction and design barrenness. We do not say this to benefit ourselves in any way, of course.  Our only concern is you. One day left.

Major MOSS sale at online auction house PADDLE8

paddleLive right now, the Paddle8 sale of an excellent selection of items from the Moss archives.  Fabulous pieces of extreme wonderfulness and goodness from the designers we love: Maarten Baas, Hella Jongerius, the Campanas, Luisa Cevese, and so many more. Some might look at this as your last chance to buy something from Moss. They would be right. Click on the 8 to go there. From today until Sept 9.  Bid early, bid often.

Glass House Summer Party Candid Snaps

IMG_1394Once again it’s summer and we all know what that means–yes! the Glass House Summer Party. Yay! It was on Saturday afternoon. The photo above was taken from inside the House, looking out at the merrymakers, raising their arms, wearing hats, having drinks,  and generally having a very good time.

IMG_1397This is a rare image of Philip Johnson’s bed in the Glass House. It does seem a bit spartan, I’ll admit. But back when he was actually sleeping there, there were probably pillows. Wild guess. That dark round shape in the upper part of the photo is the bathroom, the door to which is just around the corner of the low wall.

IMG_1398 And lastly, here is the long awaited and deeply moving (for obvious reasons) shot of the Glass House kitchen sink. As in the phrase, “they’ve taken a picture of everything but the…” It stands as a poignant reminder that no matter how elevated or brilliant or aesthetically precise one may become, one still needs to have water in the kitchen. This is a simple stainless steel sink with standard industrial handles and faucet. Nothing fancy. Unlike the party itself, which was in, its elegant understatement, very fancy indeed.

Debutante Cotillion and Christmas Ball

cot1As one sometimes does, we found ourselves at the annual Debutante Cotillion at the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf the other night, because a young friend of ours was coming out (we do have friends, you know), where the debutantes were indeed presented to society (I think the correct phrase  is “polite society” though that seems odd in so many ways) and a good time was had by all. As luck would have it, who should also be there, though not a giant surprise, but the Times’ own Bill Cunningham, and we happened to catch him in action. Here he is, right in the center of this shot, white hair, tuxedo, snapping away. It’s reassuring to know that no matter what, no matter where, Bill Cunningham is going to be there. (Click on the pic to see Bill larger). Happy holidays to everybody.

Our kind of town, Chicago is

kapor22Here we are taking a selfie at the Anish Kapoor Bean in Millennium Park. Can you see us? We’re right in the center of the photo. See the little flash? And see the bottom of the bean and the kids close up, being reflected? It’s a super amazing breathtaking sculpture.  Click on the photo to see everything larger. And click here to really see what the Bean looks like.

Getting High. The High Museum in Atlanta, that is

folkartWe were in Atlanta for two days at the High Museum and came away impressed. Two great buildings (one by Richard Meier, the other by Renzo Piano) and a very quirky and deep permanent collection of among other things American Folk Art of which this is a weird and wonderful example. By the Reverend Howard Finster. Click on it to see it larger. Take half an hour and really look at it. Click here for the museum itself.

It’s really all about the chair. Think of us as props.

Here you have Murray and Franklin as part of the Friends of Vitra/Characters campaign for the chair we’re sitting on. Well, that I am sitting on. Murray is, of course, as usual sitting on me. The chair is the Grand Repos by Antonio Citterio. You can see more of our immensely clever and not at all self conscious photos by clicking on Murray’s face. To see more of the whole campaign, click here.