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Gives New Meaning to Sleeping With the Fishes


Miami’s AVANT gallery opened in New York last night, featuring ISOLAT E, the Skull Edition, a new aquarium concept by Moss Bureau clients Martin Schapira and Nathan Kamelhar.  Really, it’s hard to go wrong with a pink skull and some beautiful fish. Right, guys?

Kanye calls Murray the “Kanye West of the furniture market”.


So here’s Kanye and Jacques  Herzog (of Herzog & de Meuron) talking on stage at the Moore Building in Miami’s Design District, during Design Miami, and who should Kanye bring up but our own Mr. Moss. “There was a guy, a bit of a rogue character, a bit of Kanye West himself in the furniture market…” says Kanye.  Murray? A rogue character? The Kanye West of the furniture market? Well, maybe. We’re all going to think about this one.

Meanwhile, click on the pic for the full piece by Janelle Zara in ARTINFO.

Here’s hoping you’ll have a piggy piggy Xmas

No sooner is Bloss back from the exhausting trauma of Design Miami, than is we plunged into the exhausting trauma of Xmas. OMG. Bloss is beat. BUT, Harry Allen’s pigs to the rescue. What’s that catchy phrase, “You can ride a pig to market, but you can’t make him drink”? That doesn’t sound exactly right. Oh well. I already said, Bloss is tired. Anyway, catch the new Teal Chrome bank in the form of a pig over at Moss, the pig farm on Greene Street. Don’t like Teal? Are you nuts? Okay, okay, we also got Chrome Pink and Chrome Purple. Very butch. Oink.

Design Miami: the last day, images and memories

The clear highpoint of Day Zero was a visit from everyone’s favorite North American, Kareem Rashid. Here Haresh explains the morphing fruit platters, to little effect.

And here a somewhat surreal woman with hideous red hair used her iPad like a Steadicam, floating silently around the booth.

People loved shooting the booth. Here are but two simultaneous imagesmiths in action.

And finally, a shot of our beloved Corrie, who stepped in at the last minute to work the booth with us and without whom we would have been up a tree without a paddle. Here she is, doing her dusting. Bless.

Design Miami Day 4: the handwriting’s on the wall

Turns out writing on the booth walls by hand is more radical a move than one might suspect. It’s been causing a small ruckus.

We just thought it might be a nice change from endless and tasteful vinyl. Besides we kept thinking up new things to write as we were installing.

Mystery OrangeMan of Design Miami

Who is this man? And why is he in all my photos taken from inside the Moss booth?

Design Miami continues. Day 2. Tired.