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Hello, Gorgeous! It’s 2013!!!!

ImageCan you believe we fucking survived 2012? Have you ever EVER had a worse year? Wars, lethal weather and weapons turned on first graders. Crazy, insane, unbelievable and very hard and very very sad. It was tough staying cynical and disengaged this year. Even for us. But 2012 is finally over and we are looking foward. Are we ever.  Take my hand (oh all right then, take my red plastic arm) and together we will make our way past Anne Hathaway and Jack Reacher and baby mama Kim Kardashian, into the bright golden future of 2013.  Happy New Year, everybody! 



Just in time for holiday hostilities, Cathy McClure unleashes her armies of Mechanized and Synchronized Mickey Mayhem. Two small but lethal battalions (one x 12 and one x 6) of stripped-down Mickeys confront each other on the famous War Zone platform at Moss Bureau. This makes synchronized swimming look like child’s play. Individual Mickeys also available.

The fun begins Thursday, November 29th at 6PM.

Yes, Willa, you’re right to be scared. Midway’s spooky. Very spooky

Little Willa holds onto her dad, as Cathy McClure’s Carousel and Ferris Wheel spin and twirl and grind away. The strobes can make you believe anything.  We believe in carnivals. Look below for more extreme spook.




Come to the cabaret! I mean carousel. I mean Midway. I mean Moss Bureau.

Click to be able to actually read it. And be sure to RSVP.

The Circus is coming to town

Opening this weekend as the first exhibition at swanky and snarky Moss Bureau, it’s Cathy McClure’s MIDWAY, two completely wild and strange zoetropic carnival rides. You’re looking at The Wheel, a multilevel carousel complete with bronze and silver bots, all lit by strobe. You won’t believe your eyes, and you shouldn’t. Invitation for preview performances coming up tomorrow, plus MORTAL STILLNESS.

Mickey as crazy-dancing Terminator. Just back from North Korea. And terminatin’ you know who.

Yes, children, Cathy McClure’s done it again. Unleashed upon the world, just in time for Xmas, one might note, yet another of her strategically demented mechanical devil-toys. Meet stripped-down-and-out-for-blood Mickey. Click here to go to the movie. Be afraid. Be Mickey afraid.

I’ve got my eye on your ring

Seriously twisted Seattle-based artist Cathy McClure, who lives to rip the shit out of plush mechanical toys, always ends up with lots of leftover bits, and being as she is not only twisted but also green, she makes use of everything. Hence, our new load of her Bot Rings, featuring the eyes she’s ripped out of sweet little plush sockets. These might just have to be seen to be believed.