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Art & Auction talks turkey (well, phoenix, to be precise)

The September Art and Auction  (source of all important auction related news)  is featuring a piece by William Hamilton on the great Toni Zuccheri, the mad glass designer. And lo, right there in the middle, is a reference to Murray and  the upcoming Moss auction at Phillips de Pury and the Zuccheri piece therein. Note the subtle marking on page two to find said reference.



Rat Island has no rats, but does have new owner and it’s not you

Ever vigilant for news which might prove useful to our beloved readers, Bloss has learned you just missed your chance to buy this lovely minimalist island just off the Bronx. A popular night spot for crackheads with boats, Rat Island, was auctioned off today for $165,000. Look what you missed: Two and a half acres with no power, no plumbing, no buildings, not even any land for half the day (whenever the tide is high). Quite a bargain, for some lucky person. And no, there’s not a rat to be found. This has been a Real Estate Public Service Announcement from Bloss. Tomorrow we go back to our regularly scheduled programming. Click the pic to go to The Telegraph (UK) for the fuller story and more images of rocks.