And to all a good night

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Imacon Color ScannerJust in time for everything, mossPOP is taking 30% off every single thing on the website. Yes, everything. It’s a miracle. It’s unheard of. You just enter the promo code when you’re checking out. It’s magic.

MORE NEVERMORE. Yes, it’s a miracle.

nevermoreBy popular demand, the FINAL SALE of MOSS, known throughout the Meatpacking District as NEVERMORE, has been extended. Like Billy Joel at the Garden. ONE WEEK ONLY. We didn’t want to do it. But so many of you were unable to get to us, we want you to know we’re here for you. Yes, much has already been sold. Others were fleeter of foot. What can we say?  But much remains, and better yet, MORE IS BEING ADDED. Yes, from deeper depths and darker corners. We will be here until Sunday November 1. The Ides of November. This is now, finally, your last chance. Do not squander this FINAL OPPORTUNITY to participate in SOME SMALL WAY in design history. You only regret what you did not buy.


FullSizeRender (2)Get 50% off almost everything at NEVERMORE. 402 West 11th Street. 11 to 7.


FullSizeRender (1)All the gorgeous dinnerware from Moss is at 25% off our already crazy low prices. NEVERMORE at 402 West 13th Street, 11 to 7.

Wine Glass Wednesday

FullSizeRender15% off our already crazy low prices on all glassware at NEVERMORE.             402 West 11th street. 11 am to 7pm. Right now.


IMG_1726Get a totally free t-shirt with a purchase of any amount at the Nevermore Moss Popup at 402 West 13th Street today, Tuesday October 20.

The Final Sale starts Thursday

nevermoreTriggered by the need to finally, after approximately a thousand years, move out of our lovely warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, welcome to NEVERMORE, the final sale of Moss. Now is the last moment of all time that you can buy something from Moss. 402 West 13th Street, dead center of the Meatpacking District, which didn’t exist when Moss opened in 1994. 11am to 7pm. For everyone sad that we closed and regretting you didn’t buy that special thing, here’s your chance.

Murray, Holding a Jensen Fruitbowl in front of Bamboo

mm22As proof, if you need still more, that Murray really was in Beijing working with Georg Jensen, here he is, in the middle of set up, weighing his options. One of the options will be to eventually put down the fruitbowl. Quite possibly into that box that sits upon the ground in front of him. We’ll never know for sure.

Murray, Marc Newson, Georg Jensen, together again in Beijing

11875368_397435780460796_1198128274_nHere’s Murray interviewing Marc during the opening of the Jensen Hus in Beijing.   Murray may be asking, and Marc may be talking about the rather amazingly gorgeous Tea Service he has just designed for Jensen, which was being launched during the opening ceremonies. That’s pretty likely. But we weren’t there, so it’s an informed guess.