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Baby Trump Balloon with Book

balloon trump What an idiot our useless piece of shit president is and how ashamed we are of his terrible obnoxious behavior, and therefore we are proud to have been chosen by the protest organizers to be part of their brilliant Whining Trump in a Diaper balloon thing. Our title can be interpreted so many ways, including not to touch the Supreme Court or little immigrant children or the Constitution or NATO and so much more. All of which of course he not only touches but tries to destroy. In case you want something to read to take your mind off whatever he’s doing, click on the balloon.


RIP, Robert Grossman

grossmanOur friend Bob Grossman was one of the greatest political illustrators. You of a certain age will remember one of his funny and trenchant early drawings, above. That’s Nixon enabler Henry Kissinger standing at the end of that nose. Bob did more than 500 covers, for Rolling Stone, New York Observer, The Nation, and the NY Times. Click on the nose to read his Times obit. And as a special tribute to Bob, nothing could be better than to buy a few rolls of his Trump dog poop bags, seen below. Click on President Shithead’s ugly shitty face to go to Amazon for this timely purchase. $9 will get you three rolls, 15 bags to a roll. Rest in peace, Bob. gross