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Close your eyes, tap your heels together three times and wish for shelving

aor5There’s no place like MossAngeles for fine shelving.  We brought everything back to New York and we have all the 606 Universal Shelving you could want: shelves, uprights, cabinets and even sloping shelves. Black, off white and silver. We have everything except the shoes. If you only had a brain, you’d call 212 204 7107 or email for more info and find out how CHEAP they are. You’re not in Kansas any more and you’re not Judy Garland either, so get some shelves, girlfriend.


Los Angeles: the city where books go to die.

graphic2MOSSANGELES was all about 606 Universal Shelving. It was featured all over the Gallery but we could never find a single book to put on our many shelves. We said “Do you have books? ” They said, “huh?” So we brought all the shelving back to New York when we closed up out there. It’s been boxed up in our warehouse and just waiting for the right moment to be released out into the world. Which is now. Write us at or call at 212 204 7107 for more info. Which will also be coming forth here, tomorrow. Support your books.


Memories of Mossangeles: What a space! What shelves!

"The Art of Reason" by Dieter Rams for Vitsoe Opening Exhibition at MossMoss on Melrose Ave was a short-lived wonder of the retail universe. Note the ten-ton steel beam running the length of the shop, terminating at “Hi”. How totally cool is that? Maybe a little over-cool, actually. Nobody got it. Maybe “Hi” was too complex for them? We closed in two years. But guess what–you are in so much luck because we still have all those 606 Universal shelves. We have them and now you can have them, at Lo prices. Contact us at for more info or stay tuned right here.