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Murray talks about his Jensen book at the Sackler Gallery in London

mm choThat’s Georg Jensen CEO David Chu watching as Murray explains it all to tout London design bigwigs at the Zaha designed Sackler Gallery at the Serpentine. Following his talk, there was a formal dinner, where the diners used ACTUAL JENSEN FLATWARE and other silver masterpieces. Yes, it’s true. The book, Georg Jensen Reflections, continues to receive glowing reviews, more of which tomorrow. For today, click on Murray’s glasses to see more pics of the night on the Jensen Twitter page.


Launch of Murray’s Georg Jensen book Thursday night

Jensen launchDespite going head to head with the Cooper Hewitt Design Awards gala Thursday night,  there was still a crowd of shining silver luminaries at the apartment for the official launch of Georg Jensen Reflections, Murray’s new book. David Chu, Jensen CEO, hosted. That’s him with Murray in the first pic. These thumbnails are from the website of Billy Farrell, the indefatigable photographer who covered the event as if it were the G8 Summit. Lots of great shots. And, the book?  Also great. Click on the title and fly away to Amazon to get your own copy. And, if you click on any of the thumbs above, you’ll go to Billy’s site, where those of you truly obsessed with Jensen, or Murray, or David Chu, can buy the photos.

Women’s Wear Daily loves TERTIUM QUID

wwd2Big story today online and in print on how TERTIUM QUID came to be. Click the pic to read the full story AND remember the exhibition of the photos in the book opens TONIGHT at EDELMAN ARTS 136 East 74th Street.


TERTIUM QUID exhibition opens on Wednesday night at Edelman Arts

19 frontA second exhibition of a “third thing”. You don’t have any idea what we’re talking about, do you? Just click on the revolver and all will be made clear.  We’re not kidding. Click on the revolver. Or else.


Double whammy on T-online. Moss Bureau at Collective PLUS Murray’s new book

Coll Tert


What a day. I don’t know about you but we’re exhausted. VIP preview tonight at Collective 2, and then Tertium Quid booksigning on Monday. Whew.  Click on the pic to go there.

Murray’s curated an installation at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and you can’t go


There’s a big 3-D printing conference in Pittsburgh (called RAPID 2013) coming up and Murray has curated an installation for Materialise Belgium which will be the Conference opening night event. It’s at the Andy Warhol Museum and you can’t go. Because it’s only for Conference attendees. Sorry. It’s really really too bad you can’t go because it’s going to be groundbreaking and very cool. For instance, this red bust is of  London milliner extraordinaire Stephen Jones, and it’s one of four, different colors, one for each of four continents, and it’s an example of how amazing the resolution of 3-D printing can be now. And look at the pedestal–this is the first time one has been printed without internal support. You probably don’t know why this is such an innovation, but then, what do you know? You can’t even go to the installation. Click here for more info on the installation and RAPID 2013.  Click the photo, then enlarge to see how unbelievable the resolution can be now.

Matisse at MoMA or Marc Fornes at Moss Bureau. You decide.


They’re nice enough, I suppose, for paint on canvas. And naked is always good, of course, though doesn’t it sort of cheapen the whole effort?  I don’t know. I guess I was expecting more.


Well, now we’re cooking. Do you know how hard it is to get aluminum to do this? It’s practically impossible. This is what you want dancers to be. Graceful, elegant, oversized, empty, and able to cut you if you get too close.

This vote isn’t even close.

Moss Bureau goes where no hand-riveted aluminum dancer has gone before

dancers77 (1)Image


It’s safe to say you have seen NOTHING  like this. Even at the famous fabulous fucking FRIEZE.   Next reception: a Matinee on Tuesday May 14 3pm to 5pm.  Don’t be the only one not to have seen it. You know how you get.

The Danseurs are flying through the Bureau. Aluminum never looked so beautiful.


Three (count’em) three artist receptions: Saturday (11th), 6 to 8, Tuesday (14th) 3 to 5, Friday (17th)  6 to 8.  Come meet the Danseurs. And just to clarify, there is NO PERFORMANCE. This is an installation. A wonderful installation. If we say so ourselves.

The Marc Fornes dancers at Moss Bureau from Saturday May 11

danseurs inviteClick on the invite for more info. Then pick a day and come on down. Email to to let us know you’re coming.