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The Introduction of Fairy Tale Architecture

snowwhite+Acclaimed Hamden landmark Torpedo House is proud to introduce an entirely new category of Important Architecture. Fairy Tale Architecture. We look at it as the marriage of Walk Disney and Alice Washburn, the architecture of Torpedo House itself. Free from allegiance to any existing architectural style or school, Washburn was able to draw from them all, and create her own signature style, one in which whimsy, fancy and childlike delight are the driving principles, where Garrison meets Medieval meets Colonial, on equal footing. In the next several weeks, we will be sharing more examples of this exciting historical (and historic) development


Baby Jesus Barbie. Supplies are dwindling fast.

dollNo, we are not at an Amazon Warehouse on Cyber Monday, my friends. We are back in time to 1954 and photographer Massimo Ascani shot this for United Press Photo and it’s called, for some reason, “A Part of Christmas”. You can find this and many other excellent examples of compelling and disturbing vintage press photographs just waiting for you at Torpedo.House. I’ll bet you know exactly who this shot would be perfect for. As a little going away gift.

RIP, Richard Sapper, father of the Tizio

sapperRichard Sapper designed one of the most popular lamps of all time, the Tizio. That’s it on the upper left of the photo above. Which was taken at Moss, by the way. Just saying. Sapper also designed a nearly as popular espresso maker for Alessi, the 9090, and later an electric version, which is also on the wall, just above his right arm. He also designed the IBM Thinkpad and famously said no to Steve Jobs who wanted him to come to Apple. Click on the photo to go the Times obit. RIP, sir.

Tick Tock. Only minutes remain in Paddle8 sale

siriusballIt doesn’t take a crystal ball [which you could also buy at the auction] to know that you will be missing an amazing auction if you don’t click thru NOW to the Paddle8 sale of excellence from the Moss archives. Don’t be a Left-Behind.

Major MOSS sale at online auction house PADDLE8

paddleLive right now, the Paddle8 sale of an excellent selection of items from the Moss archives.  Fabulous pieces of extreme wonderfulness and goodness from the designers we love: Maarten Baas, Hella Jongerius, the Campanas, Luisa Cevese, and so many more. Some might look at this as your last chance to buy something from Moss. They would be right. Click on the 8 to go there. From today until Sept 9.  Bid early, bid often.

Forget FRIEZE. Come to the last day of the LAST MOSS WAREHOUSE SALE

IMG_1343We will never pass this way again. You will never pass this way even once, unless you make it to the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Friday. It’s like Moss back from the dead. Look at those platforms. Plus you can BUY the platforms.

IMG_1342Don’t you recognize that chair? Ms Grey would drop dead again if she saw the price. IMG_1344Fornasetti, Mangiarotti, and Tragg–together again

IMG_1346You’re not seeing things. Yes, those are insects on that Studio Job table. and yes, there’s that wonderfully creepy Anthologie Quartett trellis with lights in the background. IMG_1341Lights, tables, action. Click on the Glo-ball for Sale details.

Close your eyes, tap your heels together three times and wish for shelving

aor5There’s no place like MossAngeles for fine shelving.  We brought everything back to New York and we have all the 606 Universal Shelving you could want: shelves, uprights, cabinets and even sloping shelves. Black, off white and silver. We have everything except the shoes. If you only had a brain, you’d call 212 204 7107 or email for more info and find out how CHEAP they are. You’re not in Kansas any more and you’re not Judy Garland either, so get some shelves, girlfriend.

Los Angeles: the city where books go to die.

graphic2MOSSANGELES was all about 606 Universal Shelving. It was featured all over the Gallery but we could never find a single book to put on our many shelves. We said “Do you have books? ” They said, “huh?” So we brought all the shelving back to New York when we closed up out there. It’s been boxed up in our warehouse and just waiting for the right moment to be released out into the world. Which is now. Write us at or call at 212 204 7107 for more info. Which will also be coming forth here, tomorrow. Support your books.