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One crucial day left for the Moss Archives auction at Paddle8

STOP2 Please, please,  don’t live the rest of your life as a bitter and disappointed design collector. We know how miserable that will make you and those dear to you. First, you will begin to lose interest in everything you now love. You will start drinking more and more, secretly, and then openly, brazenly. And eventually, yes, we have seen this so many times before, you will spiral out of control. This sad path is so very clear, but it is not inevitable. We can but urge you to click through, now,  to the Paddle8 auction and take this final opportunity to give yourself the gift of great design, and thereby save yourself from a life of eternal dissatisfaction and design barrenness. We do not say this to benefit ourselves in any way, of course.  Our only concern is you. One day left.


artdaily features Giacometti’s Torse de Femme in Moss auction at Phillips


ARTINFO: Moss the auction is an essential design exhibition this fall


To browse more items on the auction click here to view a full sized Flip book version of the catalog.

Wall Street Journal sounds off on the Moss auction at Phillips

 Can’t you just see that silver Sottsass centerpiece over at Rupert and Wendy’s? Writes itself, really.


Time magazine’s Style and Design issue has Murray sitting amidst the teddy bears

and discussing the auction at Phillips. Click the pic to see the article.