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Giant Pink Flamingo x 2, at the MFA shop in Houston

FlamingogoThere’s no business like the pink flamingo business, especially at the Moss Bureau enhanced shop at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. These babies get a lot of attention. No surprise, really. Just the thing to be riding around your pool on these hot hot summer days. Giddy up, Divine! Eat your heart out, John Waters.


Deep in the heat of Texas

HOUSTONMoss Bureau was down in Houston last week, working our magic at the MFAH store, and in general trying to keep cool. Houston in the summer. Not so recommended for the old, or the young, or the living. But the MFAH is a great museum and they have excellent air conditioning. In case you were wondering, this is the hotel limo. Seriously. And Zaza is the name of the hotel, not the longhorn, which appears to have been hit by the limo earlier in the week.