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Architectual Digest goes GA GA over Murray’s Jensen book. Calls book “striking”.

ad3ad3They said other very nice things as well and you can read them all and also see the slideshow of spectacular images from the book by clicking on that big silver potato . I’m also very happy to report that you can now buy the book online at Barnes and Noble.  I hope Amazon has learned its lesson.


Gaetano Pesce’s wild resin belts return as elegant intriguing neckware


Very only-at-mossPOP.

ARTINFO: Moss the auction is an essential design exhibition this fall


To browse more items on the auction click here to view a full sized Flip book version of the catalog.

Party of the Last Part

Join us for the last opening of the last exhibition at our space on Greene Street. Scout some gorgeous jewelry from Giuliana Michelotti, just in time for guilty Valentine’s Day shopping.

The next invite you get from us will be to an exhibition at our new space, the address of which will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned, partygoers.

And don’t forget to rsvp.

Corian makes a great kitchen counter, sure, but a ring? Really?

Yessiree. Fresh for 2012, Moss has a boxful of lovely little rings made in Corian and lined with felt of many colors. Red, orange, blue, purple, yellow, black, green and chartreuse, to be exact. If you’ve ever wanted your hand to just kind of disappear when you’re in a modern kitchen, (and, really, who hasn’t?)
this is your chance. They’re only $65 each so you could get one for each finger. Or for each day of the week. Or some for day, some for night. Or uptown/downtown, Manhattan/Brooklyn. How about one for each failed Republican presidential candidate. Bloss could go on and on. But Bloss won’t.

Hunka hunka hunka Burning Love

This is Frank Tjepkema’s Clockwork Burning Love necklace, made up of thinny thin thin layer after layer of different graphics, all etched from thin layers of steel and then gold plated. Look close and you’ll see symbolic references overlapping frozen mechanical arrangements representing the inner workings of clocks. Look even closer and you’ll see love burning a hole in your heart. And this is how heartburn came to be. At least that’s what Mother Bloss told us. Click here to get one for your own hunkada hunkada.