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Dr. Mathilde Krim, RIP


“Mathilde will be remembered as one of the great human rights leaders of our time. Her brilliance and compassion reached far beyond public health as an example for us all of the importance of tolerance and social justice. “ – amfAR Trustee Harry Belafonte

When we did AIDSfilms back in the mid ’80s, Mathilde was by our side when we needed her help. We were a very small part of the half billion dollars she was responsible for bringing in to support research and treatment for people with AIDS and HIV.


We have religious objections to Indiana.

indianaSince it’s now legal to discriminate in Indiana, we’ve decided to exercise our right to not make a wedding cake for anyone from Indiana, or serve anyone from Indiana if they come into our restaurant, and  if someone from Indiana is on fire, we will not put them out, nor will we take their wedding photos or let them drink from our water fountain or ride in our bus,  and we will never ever go to that stupid homophobic useless state for any reason.