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Baby Jesus Barbie. Supplies are dwindling fast.

dollNo, we are not at an Amazon Warehouse on Cyber Monday, my friends. We are back in time to 1954 and photographer Massimo Ascani shot this for United Press Photo and it’s called, for some reason, “A Part of Christmas”. You can find this and many other excellent examples of compelling and disturbing vintage press photographs just waiting for you at Torpedo.House. I’ll bet you know exactly who this shot would be perfect for. As a little going away gift.


You really have to hand it to the Post

Chelsea-Clinton-New-York-PostThey really don’t know when to take a break.  I mean, really, guys? You’re attacking a one day old baby? You don’t think this is, oh, I don’t know, just slightly mean spirited and curmudgeonly and inappropriate and tone deaf and against the grain and further proof as if we needed it that this newspaper is edited by feral pigs? And what might we want to be handing to the Post? A full diaper comes to mind. Since they brought it up.

The BEST is not to come. The BEST is here. It’s 2014, people, you need the BEST.




MOSSPOP believes a new year, especially one that does not have a “13” in it, warrants giving yourself the best of everything.  The best knife, best clock, best many things, and especially the best chair, which you can see here, the KOBI by Patrick Norguet. See what we mean? It’s the best. Click on the chair for the full menu of 2014 bestness.

Andy Warhol would have been 85 yesterday–if he weren’t in this grave

ImageDeath is like going to Bloomingdales, Andy once said.  OR  you can just click on the grave to go to the perpetual LIVE GRAVE CAM on the Warhol Foundation website. And yes, those are Campbell tomato soup cans lined up on the gravestone.

Yes, yes, they’re puppets. We all know that, but still….

ImageThere are people out there who believe that Bert and Ernie were inspired by certain founders of Moss Bureau. Those people are mistaken. But there is a long ago connection to Sesame, and great affection for old B and E, and this New Yorker cover is just about as sweet as anything gets these days.


Kiss today goodbye. Point me toward tomorrow.

Monday Feb 13 to Friday Feb 17. The final days of Moss in Soho.

Hey, everybody, come on down to Moss during this, our final week on Greene Street, where, no matter what you’re heard, we’re NOT having a sale. However, as a wee we’re-moving-uptown-to-the-garment-district gift, you can get a fabulous Moss T-shirt with any purchase over $118. (Yes, for Free!) The 18 is for the eighteen years we’ve been here in Soho. As you no doubt know, the phrases on the t-shirts are all rules to shop by as dictated by us. Choose from the spicy Please Do Not Touch, the paparazzi-hating Photography is Not Permitted, and the subtly anti-child message Small Children Must Be Held.

In case you’re just too important or too tired or recovering from recent hip surgery and just cannot make it down to the Last Days of the Design Mecca of the World, then you can always do it the old fashioned way and just buy a t-shirt, by clicking on any of these lovely pics. Supplies are limited. Just like the days we’ll be in Soho.

In honor of the world’s worst ship’s captain ever

Just as it seems the story could not possibly get any worse or the behavior of ship-abandoning lifeboat-tripping mullet-wearing passenger-killing Francesco Schettino become any more irresponsible, we learned today that the theme song from the Titanic movie was playing as the Costa Condordia went down. In one of the dining rooms. In which the crew urged the passengers to stay, saying nothing was wrong. Right.

2012 is going to be better than 2011, yes?

Well, for one thing, there won’t be any mimes.

As you know, children are always welcome at Moss. Especially when they’re asleep.

Shopping for exquisitely designed and perfect gifts can be so exhausting, especially on the day before the day before Christmas. So here’s little Alexandro, so tired he’s dropped like a stone, right in front of the black leather Citterio sofa (designed in 1979, available for $20,000, and worth every penny). Sweet kid. He can come back anytime.