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Headline change for the print edition

markdownA more congenial headline for the At Home With… article when it appeared in the print edition of the Times yesterday. Click on us to see the full article. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH is doing well, even a Best Seller in one category on AMAZON. Zoom Zoom.




balake.jpgIt’s the only red house gallery in the world. Okay, in the United States. Oh my god, all right, in Connecticut. Anyway, it’s private and by appointment and filled with wonder and dustfree and no, you can’t bring your dog, and yes, you can buy things. In fact, that’s the point. If you go to the website now, you can see the sort of things you can buy, and the amazing thing is you don’t even have to come all the way to TORPEDO HOUSE to make a purchase. You can do it from your sofa. Not online, though. You can communicate with us through the website and we will do it all the old-fashioned way. By email. Or the prehistoric way. Telephone. Anyway, you know what they say about torpedos.

Little cat feet at the Philip Johnson Glass House

ghsWe were at the Glass House the other night for the final enfogging (fogation?) of Veil, the installation by Fujiko Nakaya that’s been fogging up the Glass House glass since May.  We had never seen it at night, and it’s truly gorgeous and spooky and makes you cold and wet and happy all at the same time. Also blind. Did I mention wet? It’s fog, for God’s sake.  This ever so slightly out of focus (though otherwise excellent and moving) shot of the fog was taken just before it enveloped the entire house, like a shroud. But shroud in the good sense.


passmossPOP has long been a staunch supportor of heterosexual marriage, and we are standing by with a virtual smorgasburg of “good glasses” to help kickstart a few primitive mating rituals. Curated sets or all matching, tall, short, tumbler or stemmed, mouth-blown or cast, hand-painted or gold-rimmed,  red wine, white wine, whiskey, vodka, highball,  champagne, rose,  sherry,  martini, zombie, singles, sets of six or twelve or eight or two, from Italy, Austria, France, Finland or the good old USA. We’ve got good glasses. The ball’s in your court, boys and girls.


The New York Times Likes it Hot


Likely inspired by the exceedingly high demand for warm comfort foods recently (how mysterious, could it be the weather?), this week’s New York Times Dining and Wine  Front Burner featured the retro-inspired coffee thermos from none other than the Philip Johnson Design Store. The article credits Murray for the store design, and mentions the former Moss store and galleries.

Go ahead, have a pour. Click the coffee pot to read the article. 



The Conversation in Context at the Glass House, beginning and ending


First up Murray and Francois are in front of the cameras, with the Glass House behind them, being interviewed for the film of the Conversation.


And this is toward the end of the tour of the grounds, when the group finally gets to go inside the House.  That’s a newly installed piece by Tauba Auerbach on the coffee table, amidst the Mies furniture.