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Two weeks and things are coming apart

coverglow1coverglow2coverglow3Okay, people, we’re approaching TWO WEEKS since this amazing and FUNNY book was launched by Rizzoli and WHAT’S GOING ON? Are we on the New York Times Best Seller List? No. Are we on ANY best seller list? None known to humankind. And why do you think that is? Go on, take a WILD guess. It’s because many of you, you know who you are, and so do we, I might add, have not purchased your copy yet. Does the phrase WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? mean anything to you? How about the phrase YOU’RE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. There are so many many reasons for you to pick up your phone and order this joyous ode to retail at the turn of the century, but here’s one you might not have thought of: the print is small. If you keep waiting, your eyes may change and you might not be able to read it. WORD TO THE WISE. And that word is PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH. Click on MOSS above and speed toward Amazon.


They can’t wait to see you.

1-2 copyUntil the end of the day tomorrow, Friday, August 15, they’ll be waiting, at EDELMAN ARTS, right up on the gallery wall, with the rest of the photos in TERTIUM QUID. They know how busy you are, and while, sure, they were disappointed you weren’t able to call, they’re just hoping you can make a little time for them before it’s over. They do love you, you know. They always have.  And they talk about you all the time, and wonder how you’re doing, and if the relationship is working out, and how you’re doing since the promotion.  And they’re fine, really they are. You absolutely do not need to worry about them. But if you could stop by, even for a few minutes, it would mean so much to them.

You need to get out more. Really.

loveIt’s no good sitting alone in your room. Life is a cabernet, old chum. Get out of the house and run over to EDELMAN ARTS TONIGHT AT 6PM to hear Murray talk about TERTIUM QUID for the last time. And see the exhibition, because it’s closing on Friday! As Lucille Ball once said: “You only regret the things you didn’t do, Desi.” So don’t be Netflixing those soaps tonight. You’re not a cat. You only get one life. Live it as a lover of vintage American press photos.



last chanceGod knows we’ve tried to keep you informed. We’ve warned you. We’ve given you the dates. We’ve sent message after message. But at the end of the day, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him show up on Wednesday at 6pm at Edelman Arts to hear Murray talk about TERTIUM QUID, for THE LAST TIME . And this is the LAST WEEK you can see those amazing photographs. The exhibition closes on Friday. Remember when you missed Follies in 1971. I rest my case. Don’t repeat that mistake. We’re only going to say this one more time, until we say it again tomorrow. LAST CHANCE for TERTIUM QUID.


When Murray talks TERTIUM QUID, people listen.

christIt may not be the Second Coming, but it is the second in a series of two talks about TERTIUM QUID that Murray’s going to be doing. Wednesday  August 13 at 6pm at Edelman Arts. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Somewhat later Murray created TERTIUM QUID and that’s what he’s planning to talk about. For God’s sake, go. Learn something. OR, click on that little girl’s soul, I mean sole, to buy this photograph.



Which way are you leaning?

TQ pisa pisa2Are you planning to take advantage of  your last chance to hear Murray talk about the TERTIUM QUID photographs, Wednesday August 13 or not? 6pm at Edelman Arts. Be there for the backstory and the subtext and the narrative and the insight and the inside scoop and the unvarnished truth about the way things were and how they are now. Or, on the other hand, you could skip all that and stay home and binge watch season three of Homeland, again. I know where I’ll be, and it does not involve Carrie Mathison’s bipolar disorder.  Or, you could click on the tower-any tower–to buy this pair of photos at 


TERTIUM QUID. 6pm tonight. Edelman Arts. Murray talking.

karlaHere’s Murray explaining things to Carla Bruni (well, it could  be. She was French, after all, that woman.) Those are TERTIUM QUID photos on the wall and  Murray is explaining where they came from and what a “photo morgue” is. “Photo merde?” CB asked.  “In a way,” was his considered response. Anyway, French people aside, Murray will be explaining the project tonight at the gallery, and you (vous) can come along for the ride. Click on CB’s watch (a present from Nicholas, no doubt) for the details of where and when. Or, here for more on TERTIUM QUID.   A bientôt.

Murray talks. TERTIUM QUID. Come listen. Edelman Arts 6pm Wednesday.

felixHere’s Murray explaining it all to Felix Burrichter of PinUp magazine. Note that Felix is carrying a copy of the Tertium Quid book. Note that you too could be carrying a copy of the Tertium Quid book, if you bought one. Note that you  too could hear Murray explain how Tertium Quid came to be, if you come to the Artist Talk tomorrow night. It’s really all up to you. Are you on the team, or are you not on the team? Do you care about photography and art and exhibitions that make you think and feel and become a better human  being? Or are you a parasitic blight on humanity?  Click on Felix’s book for details of where and when you too can become a Tertium Quidder.

Come hear Murray explain TERTIUM QUID. 6pm Wednesday at Edelman Arts

expl2Here’s Murray explaining things to Gaetano Pesce and Ruth Shuman. They understood every word he said. You too can learn how things fit together in his mind. Come to Edelman Arts on Wednesday at 6pm.  For the Artist Talk. No one can explain it like Murray.

Little camera-shy, are we, folks? You betcha.

71-72 copyHere’s a sweet little gang of small-time bookies  who’ve just been rounded up by the LA police and are waiting for the paddy wagon to take them and all those phones to the precinct house. We’re just guessing here but it appears the bookies did not want their faces to be seen. I, for one, do not think that woman is really reading that newspaper. Book yourself into EDELMAN ARTS  to see Our Gang here and all the other vintage press photos in TERTIUM QUID, or click on that guy’s ass to be transported to the Tertium Quid website where you can buy this photo and many others, including some where you can even see faces.