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Gaetano Pesce’s wild resin belts return as elegant intriguing neckware


Very only-at-mossPOP.


Really really sore loser

Really really sore loser

Samsung paid Apple its $1B fine in NICKELS. Thirty truck loads. Of  nickels.

Come to the cabaret! I mean carousel. I mean Midway. I mean Moss Bureau.

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Curiously, the prostitutes themselves preferred gold and diamonds

According to Susanne Klemm, the REDLIGHT jeweler. She said, last night at the Case Side chat at Moss, that her Amsterdam redlight district workspace still had a bed in it when she moved all her studio tools in. Ewwwwwww. And the working girls were still around during the year she worked there and she tried to interest them in her contemporary jewelry, but they weren’t into it. Unlike the working girls (and guys) in attendance at the chat. Look at them. Rapt. Wouldn’t you be? Sweetheart rings here.