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Dr. Mathilde Krim, RIP


“Mathilde will be remembered as one of the great human rights leaders of our time. Her brilliance and compassion reached far beyond public health as an example for us all of the importance of tolerance and social justice. “ – amfAR Trustee Harry Belafonte

When we did AIDSfilms back in the mid ’80s, Mathilde was by our side when we needed her help. We were a very small part of the half billion dollars she was responsible for bringing in to support research and treatment for people with AIDS and HIV.


And the cool item of the month is, yes, DOG TOYS

Picture of Dogs | Home Puppies HD Wallpaper Backgrounds FreeOur knitted wool toys used to be for human children, but really, that’s so 2013. We have cleverly repositioned said toys and are pleased to announce our new, small, exclusive, and possibly somewhat familiar, line of DOG TOYS. Perfect for chewing and slavering over and tossing in the air and catching, and other things dogs do with their toys.  There are three models, each one high on the canine appeal rating chart. (Proof on file.) Click on The Dog to see all three at mossPOP, a dog friendly website.

ARTINFO loves Murray’s new Georg Jensen book. Who wouldn’t?

blouinjensenAnother glowing review for MM’s new book. Click on the elegant pitcher to see the review on ARTINFO. Click here to buy the book on deathstar Amazon when it’s released on October 21.

Sneeky peek at the Town&Country review of yet another book by Murray Moss

Microsoft Word - Document2Can the madness just go on and on? Now, he has written a book which is transforming the way one should be looking at Georg Jensen. It’s not released yet so do not panic. Soon, very soon. And, seriously, folks, this is a seriously serious book. Gorgeous, and heavy, and smart. Just like George Clooney. Except for heavy. Or smart. Okay, okay, so Clooney might be smart. Back off, will you? Anyway,  my point, if I could just return to it, is about the book. The book is smart and heavy and gorgeous, and according to T&C, swooney. Which rhymes with Clooney, and presto,  we’re right back where we started.

Which way are you leaning?

TQ pisa pisa2Are you planning to take advantage of  your last chance to hear Murray talk about the TERTIUM QUID photographs, Wednesday August 13 or not? 6pm at Edelman Arts. Be there for the backstory and the subtext and the narrative and the insight and the inside scoop and the unvarnished truth about the way things were and how they are now. Or, on the other hand, you could skip all that and stay home and binge watch season three of Homeland, again. I know where I’ll be, and it does not involve Carrie Mathison’s bipolar disorder.  Or, you could click on the tower-any tower–to buy this pair of photos at 


Little camera-shy, are we, folks? You betcha.

71-72 copyHere’s a sweet little gang of small-time bookies  who’ve just been rounded up by the LA police and are waiting for the paddy wagon to take them and all those phones to the precinct house. We’re just guessing here but it appears the bookies did not want their faces to be seen. I, for one, do not think that woman is really reading that newspaper. Book yourself into EDELMAN ARTS  to see Our Gang here and all the other vintage press photos in TERTIUM QUID, or click on that guy’s ass to be transported to the Tertium Quid website where you can buy this photo and many others, including some where you can even see faces.


Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel….TERTIUM QUID

TQweather wheels2Dusty Springfield might have liked these two TERTIUM QUID photos. The guy on the left is at Cape Kennedy in 1966 tracking a hurricane, and the guy on the right is goofing on pipeline sealing devices. I know they always make me laugh. So wheel yourself over to EDELMAN ARTS to see these boys, and the rest of the gang in TERTIUM QUID. Or click on a circle, any circle, to go a secret somewhere you can buy this pair, and other pairs of extraordinary vintage press photos. Pictures hanging in a hallway, or the fragment of  a song, half-remembered names and faces, but to whom do they belong? 


“What good is sitting alone in your room?” Not much, at Springbrook Elementary School

75-76This is their “punishment” room. If a kid talked in class, they’d lock him up, alone, in this room. You know,  for a few hours. “What’s the big deal?” the principal said. “It works. They don’t talk in class again.” No, we wouldn’t think so, because they’re so traumatized they never speak again. Ever. Life was not a Cabaret at Springbrook in 1973. TERTIUM QUID vintage press photos. See this one and all the rest at Edelman Arts. Or click on the room to see what this is paired with, and to purchase.


At TERTIUM QUID, “go fly a kite” takes on new meaning

kiteThis gentleman is from the American Kitefliers Association, to which we know so many of you belong, and he is showing us here a rather special kite while wearing the official uniform of the AKA, though there is some question as to whether the socks should be patterned to match the fetching short trousers. But be that as it may, this fine vintage press photo is paired with another of equal intensity and both may be seen and purchased at Edelman Arts,  along with the entire rest of the TERTIUM QUID photographs. Do not delay. FLY  to 136 East 74th Street immediately. Or, you can click on the kite and go to where you can buy Mr Snappy Socks right now.

TERTIUM QUID exhibition opening night

IMG_9176Experience the thrills and chills of TERTIUM QUID opening night. Watch as collectors look closely at the assembled photos. Witness them in deep discussion over the merits of one over another. Marvel as they drink glass after glass of delicious white wine. Think for yourself which pair of photos you would buy. It’s not too late. Several wonderful photos remain available. Click on the collectors to see more from the opening. Click here to go to the PHOTOS.