Why is no one shouting?

Why is he the only person making noise? We all know what’s going on. We all know he plays the media and the news cycle like a cello. And we all enable. Anderson Cooper spends his whole hour in wonderment that what’s happening is happening. People are appalled. People are angry. People are stupified. And yet no one yells back at him. No one stands up at his absurbĀ gatherings and yells back or questions his lies. The Times and the Post are brilliant at their dissection of his plays and his faults but they, like everyone else, are polite. Susan Collins is polite. Chuck Schumer is polite. Why is everyone so fucking polite? He’s not polite. He will obviously get away with every single thing he can get away with and until some court in Hawaii says no, he will keep going. Where is the shouting back? Where is the outrage? Why does our collective formal opposition sit silently by? Where is Elizabeth Fucking Warren? Where is Bernie Fucking Sanders? Where is anybody on Democratic side? Why does even the left news media allow the spokes idiots to get away with what they’re saying? Why doesn’t someone just slug Conway in the fucking jaw? These people are destroying our country. Why doesn’t someone shout at the new spokes liar and call her on what she’s lying about? Why does anyone even go to the press conferences, without video or sound? What exactly is the point? Where does the line get drawn? Does the media need to be required to offer up some lefty reporters to the DC police? We heard them, officer. They were talking trash about the President. Is this what’s next?


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