Good fences make good Popes

popefenceThis is today on our actual street, which admittedly is right next to St Patrick’s Cathedral, but still… This fence also runs up and down both sides of Fifth from 47th St to 55th St. Believe me when I say this is one SERIOUS fence. This is no orange-plastic water-filled bumper-car thing, or one of those flimsy aluminum police barricades. This is a fence that could keep the wild Canadians from coming across the boarder.  We could round up all those Muslims, put ’em right inside this fence. Yes, sirree. This is the Pope of fences. And it’s there keeping us safe from hearing  messages about global warming, or the other things Francis likes to talk about. Yo. Do not try to climb over this fence. That would trigger what they refer to as a “police response”.  And we all know what that means.


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