Glass House Summer Party Candid Snaps

IMG_1394Once again it’s summer and we all know what that means–yes! the Glass House Summer Party. Yay! It was on Saturday afternoon. The photo above was taken from inside the House, looking out at the merrymakers, raising their arms, wearing hats, having drinks,  and generally having a very good time.

IMG_1397This is a rare image of Philip Johnson’s bed in the Glass House. It does seem a bit spartan, I’ll admit. But back when he was actually sleeping there, there were probably pillows. Wild guess. That dark round shape in the upper part of the photo is the bathroom, the door to which is just around the corner of the low wall.

IMG_1398 And lastly, here is the long awaited and deeply moving (for obvious reasons) shot of the Glass House kitchen sink. As in the phrase, “they’ve taken a picture of everything but the…” It stands as a poignant reminder that no matter how elevated or brilliant or aesthetically precise one may become, one still needs to have water in the kitchen. This is a simple stainless steel sink with standard industrial handles and faucet. Nothing fancy. Unlike the party itself, which was in, its elegant understatement, very fancy indeed.


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