Chris Christie, still a dick. Two days running.

christieAmy Davidson in the New Yorker says it in a slightly calmer way but she makes the same point we did yesterday: Christie is a bullying, braying, know-nothing asshole, who now denies he’s made any changes in the “health policy” of quarantine even though what would you call a shift from 21 days to 24 hours? Wouldn’t you call that a change? I know I would. And, oh, yes, he went on to describe Saint Kaci Hickox as a “spoiled traveler” who was upset at being “inconvenienced”, which is what he calls being trapped in an unheated tent in a New Jersey parking lot, without a shower and only a portable toilet, for two days. Yes, I’d say “inconvenienced” might be a good word. Other words come to mind: Unlawful incarceration are two more. Kaci is now up in Fort Kent, our long ago home town. Right there at the tippy edge of the northeastern-most reaches of the nation. We wish her well and hope she will some day return to New Jersey to campaign against him when still-fat pig-faced Chris Christie runs again.  Click on that howling pig-face for the full New Yorker piece.


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