Chris Christie is a dick. Kaci Hickox is a saint.

Kaci Hickox_1414418379645_9360027_ver1.0_640_480It’s true that BureauBlog does not normally comment on New Jersey politics, or New Jersey politicians, or even New Jersey’s despicable governor, but these are terrible times, so we feel obliged to speak out. Especially when the quarantined nurse, the incredibly brave and beautiful and unwilling to suffer fools, Kaci Hickox, is heading to Fort Kent, Maine, where, incredibly, we used to live. Can you believe it? But we digress. Christie, the dick, with Cuomo, slightly smaller dick, imposed this anti health anti science quarantine obviously as a political maneuver to calm down hysterical idiots who refuse to listen to reason, but who will be voting in a couple of weeks, and Kaci was the first person to be trapped in its web of total incompetence. Everything about her experience was awful, and worse, no one will step up and apologize or take any responsibility. Christie said in a news conference that she was “obviously ill” which is simply and categorically untrue. Not the truth, Governor. Truth. Not truth. Do you understand the difference, you still fat, corrupt and useless piece of New Jersey garbage? But let us return to the fate of Ms. Hickox, heading to Fort Kent, the northernmost terminus of Rt 95. She was last seen leaving her lovely tent with its portable toilet and no shower, in one of two black SUV’s, but they “will not disclose” which of the two she’s in. Excuse me, is this a presidential motorcade? Does it really matter which of the two she’s in? Or where they’re going? Or how she will get to Fort Kent, a ten hour drive in one of those SUV’s? Is this a series of state secrets? What exactly is wrong with these people? Could they possibly be handling this any more stupidly than they are? The insane quarantine is a huge embarrassment for everyone, yes, but can we then not just say that and move on and try to make a bad situation somewhat less bad and focus on doing what should be done to keep people safe and not criminalize the people risking their lives to help the sick? Hello? Governor Christie? Anybody home? Oh right, you’re in Florida, representing the Republican Party. Good luck with that.



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