Every person is unique. Now everyone can have a unique glass. Curated glassware at mossPOP





Curated glassware has a long and interesting history. Perhaps its most important incarnation was in France during the period between the wars, and its most famous practitioner was the irrepressible Gertrude Stein. Stein was a staunch devotee of mixing and matching her glasses and her guests. As we know, her guest list was extensive and diverse, and so were her glasses, some of which she sent Alice B. Toklas out to find at the early morning flea markets and some she purchased directly from the illustrious glass manufacturies in the 16th.   Her long salon evenings were well known for the amount of alcohol consumed and for the variety and sophistication of the vessels from which the whiskey, champagne, gin and wine were consumed. The casual sangfroid with which Stein managed the distribution of her prized glasses among her equally prized guests notwithstanding, this important aspect of her social gatherings has been little remarked upon. It would be difficult to find references to it in the standard Stein biographies, and it’s only in the fairly obscure monograph written by her fairly obscure son, Wayland Henry Stein, entitled The Stein Way and published long after her death in 1946. Sadly, Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast does not mention her curation, and Wayland Stein was so bitter about being cut from his mother’s will that his recollections are understandably less than fully reliable, so unfortunately we do not know with certainty exactly what glasses Stein curated with. This must be regarded as another of those pieces of vital information lost to history.

Luckily, now you can participate in this international tradition of curation and heavy drinking. mossPOP has several entirely unique sets of curated glasses available for immediate purchase and filling with summer beverages. Click on either set above and see them all. There’s only one of each set, so hurry.  Avoid glassware disappointment.





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