RICHART: LA MAISON DE LA DÉGUSTATION Gourmet Chocolates are now on mossPOP!

Richart Logo

 Designed and made in Lyon, France. 

And they’re low cal, too? Where is this magical place called France, and why are we not all living there? Well, I suppose you can always just indulge in some France through mossPop. Click the images to visit the store. Come on, you know you want to.

Mini Macarons Richart

Indulge in Richart’s vision of a classic Parisian treat! The famous macaron is now in mini. Featuring a wide range of 13 classic and original flavors with delicate to intense notes. (Mini French Macarons in large $39.00).

Infuzzz Gourmet Chocolate by Richart

And available now is Michel Richart’s newest permanent collection, Infuzzz, based on a technical prowess that will exalt your senses. (Infuzzz Gourmet Chocolate with Bubble Infusion 16-piece $29.00 or 36-piece $63.00), each containing a drop of infusion that releases hidden flavors and aromas.

Petits RICHART Intense Gourmet Chocolates

Experience the quintessence of RICHART in an intense signature collection of French gourmet chocolate (Petits RICHART Intense Gourmet Chocolate $67.00 or Petits RICHART Selection Gourmet chocolate $25.00) in a variety of Richart’s four most popular aromatic families – balsam, roasted, fruity, and citrus. Each a pure, natural and guilt-free 15-calorie delight.




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