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Collective Design Fair is announcing Hella Jongerius’ special exhibit, curated by Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell! We’re so excited to share the announcement, we can’t even find the words! So here it is directly from the press release:

Collective Design Fair is proud to present a solo exhibition on Dutch industrial designer Hella Jongerius (born 1963) as part of its continuing commitment to presenting the work of significant contemporary designers. Guest curators Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell have assembled a highly personal selection of representative works by the Berlin-based designer, drawn primarily from their private collection. Each work is a complete narrative unto itself, but altogether the selection presents a broader story of the artist’s exceptional ability to create a collection that expresses her idiosyncratic, playful perspective on design. Works featured in the exhibition—from her signature vessels to textiles to furniture—will demonstrate Jongerius’ skill and artistry in stitching together and making harmonious seemingly incongruous ideas, technologies and materials. Says Moss, “For over 20 years Hella Jongerius has been working in an artist collective of sorts— albeit one of her own making. Over the years she has brilliantly ‘curated’ an ever-expanding circle of diverse designers and manufacturers with different sensibilities and aesthetics. In doing so, she brings them all together in an unparalleled “Hella” commune, where ancient and avant-garde, hand-made and laser-cut, familiar and foreign, all become part of a vast quilt of sublime beauty and intelligence—her work.”

For more details about Hella Jongerius’ exhibit and the Collective Design Fair, read the Collective 2 Programming release!

And don’t forget, the Moss Pop store is the place to go to be the first of your friends to get a Hella of your own.



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