Gays marrying causes New York quake

As everyone knows, earthquakes are caused by the gays. (Also floods and hurricanes.) Well, we’ve done it again. The epicenter might have been in Virginia, but we KNOW the real target was New York where yes those gays are agitating up a storm, getting married and god knows what else. So, get under your desk, friend. Or better yet, EVACUATE!! Like they did at the Pentagon and the White House. The end is nigh. (And it’s not often Bloss gets to use the word “nigh”).
For the backstory on the cartoon and specifics about which morons actually believe this horseshit.


3 responses to “Gays marrying causes New York quake

  1. Very cleverly done. Sadly, you are correct; not only will some morons believe the Israel stuff, they might even take your post as “straight.” By the way, you left out the locusts. Their feelings will be hurt.

  2. blossmossonline

    In my experience it’s almost impossible to hurt the feelings of locusts. They are VERY secure.

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