Bloss Got a Makeover

Moss and Bloss are the go-to source for all that is new, young, and fresh, so you’d never know we’re getting up-there in age. But we were founded in 1994 – that’s like 100 in internet years. In the spirit of the young we’ve done some plastic surgery (html surgery?) to our beloved blog, Bloss. Don’t we look younger, already?

You’ll see all our tweets to your left, our blog archives to your right, and all our latest news right smack-dab in the middle. Can’t read? It’s fine, we’ve got a lot of pictures. Opposed to reading? Then check out our Tumblr, where we’ll be posting images of our favorite items, party photos, and other flashy stuff from around Moss. Or you could always check out our main site, which is still the nexus of the Moss universe.

You can also “Like” us on Facebook (we know you mean “Love”) and tweet at us @Moss_online to let us know if you’re feeling Mossy.

And if you’re really old-school, you can get off the computer and come meet us in person at 150 Greene St in New York City. You’re in London? That’s why planes were invented. Come on over, we’re worth it.


One response to “Bloss Got a Makeover

  1. Interesting point… not sure I agree 100%, but that’s OK. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, right? I’ll keep checking back to see if anyone else agrees or not. Thanks!

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